Gamers Universe: Soul Bubbles Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Soul Bubbles brings Loco Roco to the DS in some style - matching both gloopy physics, and high production values. But more than this it proves that gameplay and controls matter more than visuals.

Although I really enjoy gaming with my kids, I am still a few years away from really being able to 'play' with them. Currently I do more assisting than playing. Whether the controls are too complex, or the motor skills of a three and five year old still have dome developing to do before they are ready, there aren't many games that they can happily play on their own. Buttons in particular seem to cause confusion, both the pressing and holding for acceleration and the left and right of the D-Pad to steer."

+Great Control Scheme
+Good use of environments
+Good learning curve

-Novice players soon get stuck
-Sometimes repetitive music

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