Gamers Universe: Emergency Heroes Review

Gamers Universe writes: "There's a really great game waiting to be made about the emergency services. Think about it- a burning building decked with the latest destructible materials, a team of firefighters trapped in the basement. Or an ambulance crew trying to find the right house in a hostile neighbourhood. Or a bobby staking out an apartment, struggling to bring a human trafficking racket to light. There's perhaps the suggestion of a moral obligation here: if the industry must have such an obsession with grittily authentic violence, the men and women who walk the beat, take the calls and douse the blaze are due a stadium's worth of limelight.

But sadly it's not to be. When the industry does take an interest, it rarely manages to be more than sensationalistic, cue a range of hard-bitten, unshaven hotrods and ludicrous Lethal Weapon stunts."

+The driving ain't so bad...

-...but it comes in precisely one flavour
-Rudimentary graphics
-The boys in blue/white/red deserve better

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