Gamers Universe: Alone in the Dark Review

Gamers Universe writes: "The decision to set a horror game in one of the worlds most notable public spaces might seem like a strange choice on the surface. After all, this is Central Park; home of the outdoor theatre, Friends, ice skating, chess players and poets; all of which are set against a backdrop of beautiful scenery and the towering skyline of Manhattan. Those of you that have actually visited the real-world location will immediately recognise the potential however, as those solitary few miles of greenery contain enough haunting architecture, hidden pathways and out-of-sight locations to inspire any nefarious creative spark, and the fact that it remains a deserted and dangerous wasteland by night certainly gives it the nod over more conventional settings."

+Great atmosphere
+Attention to detail
+Looks great at times
+Good lighting
+Well-designed puzzles

-Physics are glitchy
-Audio problems
-Frequent crashes
-Difficulty spikes
-Disappearing objects

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