Gamers Universe: Top Spin 3 Review

Gamers Universe writes: "First, there was Pong - clearly the earliest example of a video game loosely based on the sport of tennis. Over 30 years later and tennis has now become one of the staple game-types within the sports genre. Whereas the majority of tennis titles aim for a pick-up-and-play "arcadey" sort of vibe, the Top Spin series breaks the mould and has always set out to provide the most realistic example of the sport possible. A far cry from the Virtua Tennis series, Top Spin 3 is certainly the most realistic, and ultimately satisfying, tennis game yet to hit the market.

When this game first arrived on the doormat we popped the disc straight in and got ourselves into some four-player doubles action, we thought it'd be a nice way to have a little fun and get familiar with the game. How wrong we were. This is a game that requires you to learn it before stepping out onto court for the first time. The ball striking mechanics have been completely overhauled from Top Spin 2 meaning that all players, no matter what your level of experience with previous game in the series, will be hitting shots into the net, a couple of metres wide of the line or just plain missing the ball entirely if you don't take the time to learn the proper technique."

+Great online play
+Impressive level of realism
+In-depth gameplay
+Dynamic in-game graphics
+Lifelike player models

-Risk shots don't work properly
-Crowds look bland
-Career would benefit from more variation i.e. mini-games
-Nadal is only in the PS3 version

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