Gamers Universe: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Review

Gamers Universe writes: "This was always going to be a difficult review to undertake, and yet, in a strange sense, 'Guitar Hero: Aerosmith' absolutely defines the evolution of the videogame industry in this day and age. These bite-size chunks of entertainment within an already established delivery framework epitomise the financial dreams of many publishers, and it's an approach that generally makes sense for consumers whilst allowing the economies of scale to develop for big-budget titles that normally have a short shelf life in an incredibly crowded market. That shouldn't allow the publishers and developers to have carte blanche on whatever they choose to force onto their public however, and this inaugural band-themed edition of the Guitar Hero franchise treads an extremely fine line between being a worthwhile product and pure marketing cynicism."

+It's Guitar Hero!
+42 tracks in total
+Only one guitar battle
+Short documentaries

-Really just a data disc
-Not enough content
-Fairly easy
-Strange song choices

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