Gamers Universe: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Gamers Universe writes: "For a long time now I've wondered whether EA / DICE would successfully transfer the sheer spectacle of war, the frisson of Battlefield over from PCs to consoles. From 1942 right up to the rather disappointing 2142, the game has grown from a reasonably competent online multiplayer experience into something so huge that it's now a well recognised gaming brand and often held up as a benchmark for any online first-person game.

What Battlefield managed to do so successfully was instil a sense of teamwork into players (good players, I'm not talking about those stupid pogo-ing team-killing chopper-and-tank camping sons of bitches) in order to win the day."

+A "Proper" Battlefield game on consoles at last
+Stunning destructible environments
+Ear splittingly realistic sound
+Single player campaign is a nice addition
+Multiplayer online play is a COD4 beater

-Tearing. Yep it's there
-Slightly clunky squad mechanics
-Iffy controls on some of the vehicles
-Some elements of damage are a little too "scripted"
-Single player campaign can be a bit of a trudge

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