Gamers Universe: The Incredible Hulk Review

Gamers Universe writes: "It looks like David Jaffe's criticism of open-world Superhero games shows no sign of relenting at the moment, and 'The Incredible Hulk' is unfortunately a title that adds yet more fuel to the fire of developer (and to a certain extent audience) discontent. Indeed, if you've played pretty much any Superhero game from the last 5-6 years you'll know exactly what to expect here, with only minimal alterations from the well-trodden yet free-roaming path carved out by the likes of Spiderman and Superman. It doesn't do a whole lot wrong, and it'll certainly keep you entertained for a good few hours over a long weekend, but don't expect anything more.

Busting whole blocks

Set in a roughly modeled version of New York, The Incredible Hulk loosely follows the events of the summer blockbuster film, but expands to include several references to the comic book canon on which the property is originally based. Whilst you'll spend a good deal of time facing off against the army and also the infamous 'Abomination', the game also lets you spar with indidivudual members of the 'U-Foes', a wandering band of superpowered villains that pop up occasionally to slow down your progress. Also involved is the shadowy 'Enclave' organisation, which presents a number of nefarious hurdles to overcome throughout the relatively short time period that the Hulk takes to complete."

+Fully Destructible city
+Decent character models
+Free roaming world
+Simple gameplay
+Good controls

-Lack of variety
-Texture pop-in
-Horrible framerate
-Terrible voice acting
-Too simplistic

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avacadosnorkel3727d ago

the movie rocked so I checked out the game.

I played the PS3 version and the framerate is rock solid from what I played, but the texture pop-in SUCKS!

Overall the game is so bland I am trying to figure out a good story to tell the people at the store so I can return it and get my money back.

3726d ago