Gamers Universe: Secret Agent Clank Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Creating a sequel dedicated to a sidekick is always a risky move. Many of videogaming's better known supporting acts fall rather flat when left to their own devices: the lecherous Daxter may be a laugh when he has Jak on the scene to temper his excesses, but craft a game around him alone and his wisecracks grow wince-worthy (though Ready at Dawn did a creditable job in most respects). The Arbiter likewise makes for a nice, Native American/Samurai-ish alternative to Master Chief every once in a while, but you wouldn't want his lizardly chops plastered across the box. Luigi's a stand-up kinda guy, but he's no substitute for his fatso elder brother.

So it is with most franchises, and so it is with the unlikely pairing of Ratchet and Clank. On his lonesome Clank will occasionally elicit a chuckle, but the shy and retiring bucket of bolts is at his best when set against Ratchet's headstrong charisma, and as a consequence his turn as frontman doesn't quite make the grade."

+A varied and portable-friendly set of challenges
+The usual strong production values
+Smart, parodic script

-Feels a bit diluted
-Loose camera
-The engine is getting old

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