Capcom: No trophy support for Devil May Cry 4

A poster on Capcom Unity's forums has received an answer to the question of whether Devil May Cry 4 and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will be getting the trophy treatment and it is no. Capcom feels that DMC4 already has "its own little trophylike system" and the Puzzle Fighter team has moved on to other projects.

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red_ring_of_death3694d ago

who cares about Devil May Cry 4
just bring trophys to uncharted

Breakfast3693d ago

Id rather have trophies for ALL of my games.

Seraphim3693d ago

Same here. Trophies for all games would be pretty sweet. But we all know that's not realistic... the top sellers should certainly get them though imo.

that's a shame Capcom is also taking the no trophy route. We have achievements just like the 360 version [spitten image of] so they could easily just take some of those achievements and create them into actual trophies for our PSN profiles. Capcom actually has a leg up on other developers in that they have already have something implemented so adding trophies I'd imagine would be easier for them to do than anyone else...

jwatt3693d ago

A lot old titles aren't getting trophies the only old titles that are getting trophies are most ps3 exclusive So don't expect to see Assassin's Creed getting Trophies, if it does than Kudos. I think the good thing about this is that we know we are all basically Starting from zero. We know every gamer doesn't have a crazy amount of trophies and we start all fresh and new.

Close_Second3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

...was nothing but Devil May Cry with a new coat of paint. That is, nothing new in the gameplay dept. I especially hated the game room where you were presented with a dice...yawn. You're taking on the devils minions and all they can come up with is an unopposed version of snakes and ladders...without the snaked or ladders.

DMC4 = DMC + HD. Barely a next gen game in my opinion and therefore I would not replay it even if they did release a trophy patch.

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AznSniper3694d ago

It also looks like Sony has made it required now for trophies to be implemented in currently developing games and future games as long as the developer signs onto the supposed contract that Capcom signed.

name3694d ago

What? Capcom not putting in any effort for the ps3? Surrsly?

Isaac3693d ago

Their port of Lost Planet for PS3 was pretty sweet. Oh wait.


Even if I would agree with any anti Capcom nowadays at first, this time it isn't really their fault...

The guys care to put a "achievements" system in their game way before Sony released this firmware. The game is done, no online, i believe don't sell that much anymore (which is normal), probably just a feel will really get to play it in future (me included, just now I got my needed vacations, I didn't have finish DMC4). Why would Capcom have to go back to this and make trophies AGAIN?

I would like it there just as much as the next guy, but I'll not blame them if they don't to go back, they really have tried in this one...

Now, if you wanna badmouth Capcom, I have my swiss army knife with Capcom matters/rumors just here... MegaMan 9, Monster Hunter 3, Resident Evil 5 maybe time exclusive (this one pretty much dead already), no DMC for PSP, Dino Crisis 3 sucked and no Dinos in the horizon, no Dead Rising on PS3, Lost Planet port sucked, they are going the cheap way, kicking Okami dev team... You choose.

(Capcom old fan pissed much? Me? No way... ¬¬')

masterofpwnage3694d ago

no suprise
capcom betrayed sony and never coming back.

fuk capcom

Close_Second3693d ago not supporting the PS3 platform as it did the PS2. It comes down to money and for game publishers it makes sense to support more than one platform.

Mr_Showtime13693d ago

it's business, the whole world isn't divided into sony fanboys and xbox fanboys like this strange haven N4G lol.

They still could have just changed thier own rewards thingys into proper trophies though.

Salvadore3694d ago

One would think Capcom would patch DMC 4 for trophy support as it already has entitlements, but guess we were wrong.

JVIDICAN3694d ago

theyd just need images for the accomplisments and we'd have trophies

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