Will Wii Fit work? Week 6

TVGB: "Last week I said I was going to start a new core program based around Wii Fit and now I have, so I'll present it here to you. It's been kicking my ass when I get all the way through it and my abs and back have been soar (in the good way) for a few days."

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Old Snake3733d ago

Wii Fit is a joke. If you can't go to the gym or track to exercise then you're pathetic and deserve to be a fat piece of crap

WIIIS13733d ago

So home exercise videos are a joke too?

Veryangryxbot3733d ago

Short answer: Yes

You are that same dude that posted this crap a few weeks ago. Guess what, no change after six weeks. So whats your excuse now.

You know those commercials you see on TV with those fitness gimmicks or billy blanks videos that claim they will get you back in shape and let you gain muscle?

The wii fit falls right in that category. The difference is that you paid 150 bucks for the wii fit but if you had bought yourself one of the million abcrunches or billy blank home videos, you would have only wasted 50 bucks.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

Interesting. It actually works a bit. He lost 6 pounds and most of all, lost his gut.

Stealth3733d ago

True that dude I agree. Paying all that moneyto do some virtual yoga crap, just go to the gym or go on a diet.. what's the world coming to these days

Crazywhitie3733d ago

Wii fit 100$... Gym like 500 to start then monthly payment.... if it works for you then use it...

Max Power3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

what gym membership has a $500 start up fee? you sir are speaking out of your butt. while gym memberships may cost more than the initial cost of wii fit, it gives you more of a freedom to build muscles and burn fat. that fact that you think that wii fit is a brilliant way of losing a lot of weight is idiotic, imagine if he focused that amount of time doing something like jogging or swimming, he would have burned a lot more calories and fat, and have more of an cardio work out, in all be a more 'fit' person than what he is doing that.

Old Snake3733d ago

Actually WllS1 yes most home exercise videos are a joke. Paying 80 bucks to stand on a piece of plastic to do a so called "exercise" is a scam imo. Why do you need to buy a board to do push ups?

WIIIS13733d ago

If the main barrier to regular exercise is the lack of motivation, and Wii Fit can motivate inactive gamers to start exercising from their comfort zone (ie. in front of their tvs), then it works. Just like exercise videos. There's a difference between doing push ups on your own and keeping up with the video regime. If you're already a fitness fanatic, then of course you won't need any of these.

Crazywhitie3733d ago

If you just eat right you can lose alot of wieght... I have wii fit and it can work you if you do it right.. I 'd change the running to outside it helps

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