911 Call Describes Killing Over Stolen Xbox 360

WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio has posted a video which includes portions of a 911 call in which a man reports that his roommate shot a man who was stealing his Xbox 360 and then hid his body in the basement.

The 911 caller told a police dispatcher that 30-year-old Mark Burwell shot and killed 24-year-old Johnny Robert Hyde, Jr. as Hyde was in the process of pilfering Burwell's 360.

Burwell, who is being held on a quarter-million dollars bail, has pleaded not guilty.

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jay23696d ago

What the thief did was wrong, but the ONLY poeple on this planet that should be killed are people like Osarma Binlardin. knocked out by the butt of the gun accaptable, shooting him over a $300 or how other they are there 360 isn't, I wouldn't even shot some one stealing my £5000 car.

MBS13696d ago

What a sad story, and this happend here in my hometown Dayton,Oh. It's called little Detroit here for a reason.

Panthers3696d ago

No one should be killed over stealing something. The item can be reimbursed and the thief can be locked up.

Fanboy Slaughter3696d ago

This is the exact kind of crappy attitude that keeps fueling crime, people get more brazen because they know that for any crime they'll get fed, clothed, and a rent-free bed for a few months.

In Texas, this wouldn't even had been an issue because of the greatest law in the US, it's called the Castle Law, and it enables you to use deadly force against ANY intruder, it's the risk they take for trying to steal sh!t that YOU worked for to get.

Granted, it was only an Xbox, but that's beside the point. And don't go calling me some conservative hate-monger, I'm a registered Democrat, I just hate to see people getting in trouble for defending their home.

ThanatosDMC3696d ago

Remember the recent news about a man that shot two robbers that's steal from his neighbor?

WTF? He just wanted to kill people... that guy was fcked up. The 911 operator told him to stay in the house and that it was wrong to just kill people. The bastard didnt listen to the operator.

Fanboy Slaughter3696d ago

Yeah, THAT guy was messed up because they weren't robbing HIM, they were robbing his neighbor, and he got busted for killing those two guys because he circumvented that law.

The Castle Law itself wasn't responsible for that guy's actions, he was just a nutcase.

poopface13695d ago

the only thing is the shooter shoulda called 911 and not hid the body. That seem suspicious. If he really was being robbed then why not. If someone is dumb enough to rob people they should be shot. Mabe he just wants the 360, maybe woulda robbed someone else, mabe killed/rape someone else. If it was me, I woulda shot him in the leg, maybe he could learn from being shot, and stop being a little biatch.

One of my roomates friends, who live in my apartment complex got robbed at gunpoint/tied up in their own apartment. Guess what one of the stolen items was. If they had a chance im pretty sure they would blasted these morons too.

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juuken3696d ago

*shakes head*

Senseless killings these days.

Tunerboy87323696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

If he would came in my house tryna steal my 360 he wouldve met my rottweiler that sleeps with me in my room.He wouldve never got close to mine.

Fanboy Slaughter3696d ago

exactly, no one seems to wanna speak up on the fact that, in most cases, the thief gets caught, but by the time they get caught, the stolen property is already in the hands of some crack dealer, who in turn quickly launders it to the closest pawn shop, never to be seen by it's owner again. Who then in turn had to use more HARD-EARNED money to buy a new item.

Calling our justice system an atrocity would be the understatement of the millenium.

Silver3603696d ago

just let your dog loose on him and beat his butt down, killing is irreversible.

Mcrmarcher3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

For fcuk sake its a bit of plastic, why didn't he get the burgler to lie down on the ground and then phone the cops? idiot.

Old Snake3696d ago

HOW IS THIS NEWSWORTHY! WHo cares if a 360 was involved? Jesus CHRIST!

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