Games Abyss: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Although MGS4 has its flaws - dialogue can get repetitive, and the cutscenes are a bit overwhelming - it's clear that Hideo Kojima has set a new standard for himself. You'll want to keep playing it just to watch every twist and turn. MGS4 is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

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Whoooop2941d ago

Another perfect score...

Tmac2941d ago

Too bad metacritic doesn't even use half of the review scores.

juuken2941d ago

Ahoy! Another perfect score!

ThatCanadianGuy2941d ago

"dialogue can get repetitive" WHAT THE F*CK!!

Other then the name's of the characters,i really dont think they mention the same word twice.

juuken2941d ago

That part of the review was a load of bull.