Games That Let The Terrorists Win

XPlay writes: "Let us not forget the enemies of our nation. No, not those yappy little dogs celebutantes carry around, I'm talking about the terrorists! Please enjoy our list of games that let the terrorists win."

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Timesplitter143730d ago

OH NOES! The evil terrorists! They're everywhere and they live only to harm my loved ones!

KobeT243730d ago

Dig-Dug letting terrorist win?


TheWickedOne3730d ago

That's one is my favorite, I never thought of Dig Dug that way.

Light Yagami3730d ago

Terrorists should be punished.

NegativeCreep4273730d ago

Terrorists can kiss my a$$! They need to do the entire world a favor and just banish off the face of the free world.

Cartesian3D3730d ago

kill them all Yagami Lighto ..but!

Im "A" & I will catch ya..

JasonXE3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

We can't let these evil doers win

NegativeCreep4273730d ago

And the free world will never let those bastards win. Their religion is rooted in murder and catastrophy and honestly, what kind of religion is that???

WIIIS13730d ago

Hmmm, so it would appear that the bigoted equation has already been set in stone in the minds of some.

3730d ago
ar3730d ago

"Their religion is rooted in murder..."
Your talking about Christianity, right?

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Bolts3730d ago

Yet another weak ass list that fails. The only valid game is Counterstrike. Dig Dug and the Sims are pro terrorist? How? There are plenty of games where you can play Tangos and kick ass, any Rainbow Six game, CoD 4, Insurgency, Fallout...thats just the top of my head. I'm sure there are many more.

BobDog3730d ago

it was a joke

jeez some people are so sensitive

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