Gamers Universe: Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Preview

Gamers Universe writes: "Chop up Star Wars Battlefront. Boil off the Jedi and Stormtroopers. Stir in a healthy dollop of Hobbits and Orcs. Result? A guaranteed money-making stew that'd make Sir Alan Sugar drool. Yes, with Lord Of The Rings: Conquest developer Pandemic leaves behind George Lucas' CGI-tainted universe for the fresher pastures of Peter Jackson's lauded trio of Tolkien pictures.

Star Wars Battlefront II was great (of course). Its gameplay might have verged on the repetitive (essentially it was 'spawn, run, shoot, die, spawn, run, shoot, capture base, rinse and repeat ad infinitum') but fortunately the range of different soldier classes ensured variety, commandeering vehicles kept the action exciting and being able to plan your own map-dominating strategies helped stave off accusations of shallowness."

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