Gamers Universe: Damnation Preview - Cowboy gymnastics in a post-apocalyptic Wild West. What in tarnation?!

Gamers Universe writes: "Does anyone remember Total Overdose, the crazy Tex-Mex GTA style shooter, which rewarded flamboyant acrobatic gunplay with copious amounts of points? It's this same blend of guns and gymnastics, which Damnation hopes to bring to the modern shoot 'em up genre, albeit without the perfunctory combo scoring mechanic.

This is the first foray into videogame territory for new developer Blue Omega Entertainment, whose previous experience as a production company involved some obscure B-movie horror joints. A blend of Gears Of War style run and gun with a heady dose of Prince Of Persia, Damnation is an original IP that wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. Utilising the same ubiquitous Unreal Engine 3 that powers Gears and its ilk, the game's aesthetic is enormously reminiscent of Epic's classic, although to some extent it presently lacks the same level of graphical finesse. Nevertheless, the future cowboy setting is an intriguing one and with outlandish free-running action stirred into the mix, Damnation provides a refreshing twist on the tried and tested third-person shooter formula."

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