Gamers Universe: Overlord: Raising Hell Review

Gamers Universe writes: "In 90% of the videogames that we play in this day and age, we're usually asked to purge evil in some manifestation and save the world. Consequently, a game like Overlord comes as quite a relief. The Codemasters developed title might not have been the first to allow us to take the role of a bad guy, but it provided a rare experience that was strangely addictive at the time.

Under your control is the dark and mysterious Overlord, a purely horrific character who has two choices: to become evil or... incredibly evil. His main tool of spreading nastiness into the world comes in the shape of a small army of minions that you eventually control with the right analogue stick, and it's down to you to distribute them as you see fit."

+At last, you are the bad guy
+The minions are an excellent feature
+Strategic use of the minions
+A few minor control and camera issues

-Ordinary quests
-Invisible walls
-Too many borrowed elements

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godcrusher3731d ago

"On the whole then, this is the best version of Overlord currently available. If you've not played the original then it may well be worth a look, and for PS3 owners strapped for any quality releases, it's undoubtedly worth a punt."

It has been awhile since the ps3 has lacked any good games. On topic I loved this game on my 360 but not enough to buy it for full price ($60) on my ps3.

3730d ago