Gamers Universe: Ticket to Ride Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Board-and-Card based gaming works fantastically well on Xbox Live – Fact. I don't know why, but some of the more engaging titles you can throw 800 points at have been distilled from successful tabletop games. It's difficult to say why I find them compelling, particularly when to a casual observer they may all seem a little too similar.

Take the genius of Catan for example. It's fast, it's frantic and it's challenging whether you opt to take on an AI opponent or throw your hat into the ring on LIVE against a friend. For the average action gamer though, it's probably too sedate a title to warrant a purchase."

+Card / board based gaming suits XBLA so well
+Fast paced and enjoyably relaxing
+Reasonable scope for expansion
+Great online mode
+If you liked Lost Cities, you'll love this too

-Perhaps one card / board based title too many?
-Relatively short on content / maps / bonuses
-Cheesy irritating music
-Sparse presentation
-No free tartan thermos flask or anorak included with game

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