Gamers Universe: We Love Golf Review

Gamers Universe writes: "We Love Golf sees Camelot bring their sports game prowess to the Wii and provides their first chance to try out motion controls. Their pedigree not withstanding - a string of Mario Golf and Tennis hits, conservative controls threaten to make this game something of a light hitter amongst Wii Golf games.

Golf games used to be all about the look of the fairway, the run of the ball on the green, the pre-hole camera fly throughs and even the chirping of localised birdsong as you eyed up your shot. These days however, particularly on the Wii, they are all about the swing."

+Accurate control scheme
+Excellent user interface.
+Good use of Capcom characters

-Golf swing is timing rather than motion based
-Miis only available in mutliplayer
-Only four person multiplayer

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