Gamers Universe: Soulcalibur Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Ah you devil Soulcalibur. How many hours and fifty pence pieces have I fed into your steely maw? Damn near cost me my degree, you did, tucked away in your fetid corner of the college bar, dangling that dazzling array of swords, staffs and brutal great axes before my nose. On how many occasions did my treacherous feet walk me away from the library and into the swampy air of that establishment? Hell, why else do you think I took that morning cleaning job? It certainly wasn't on account of the size of the pay check.

If I gave over a ridiculous proportion of my waking life to the game, even more ridiculous is my failure to develop anything like a proficiency for it. I can do some damage, true, providing my opponent isn't familiar with the block button or the concept of evasion, but even now, after five years' punishment (and- as luck would have it- a BA), I still have trouble getting past the sixth match in that rat-bastard arcade mode."

+Still one of the best weapon-based fighters you can buy.
+Crisper, cleaner, smoother

-No online modes
-No Mission mode
-Go buy Soulcalibur II already

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