E3 08: What to Look For From Microsoft

E3 has always held a special place in the hearts of video game enthusiasts. Game announcements, hardware unveils and much more are always in the back of your mind when watching each of the three press conferences, wondering what the companies have up their sleeves.

Over the next couple of days, Console Monster is going to examine the three things to look for from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's press conferences.

First up is Microsoft

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NO_PUDding3732d ago

HALO 4!!!

Start the fight again!! WE LOVE CONFLICT!!



I seriously hope there is otehr more intelligent surprises.

Mass Effect 2 would be godly.

tplarkin73732d ago

There was an old rumor that said MS would make Gears and Halo in alternate years. The rumor has held true for Gears 2. Of course, we have a new Halo 4 rumor to back-up the old one.

I don't expect Mass Effect 2, but it's not impossible. I do think it will be released in 2009, however.

TheColbertinator3732d ago

The best game of 360 ever.Alan Wake.Or maybe Halo Wars.idk

Bnet3433732d ago

I know there will be a Killer Instinct 3 trailer. Maybe an update on Peter Jackson's Halo project. I am hoping for some kind of megaton. We'll def see the DLC for GTA4, but thats gonna be stupid. Maybe Rock Band 2 trailer or demonstration like last years E3. I hope they buy Sega or something, damn I want a new Jet Set Radio Future game so bad!!!

Isaac3732d ago

Better hope microsoft does have a megaton game which is not an FPS, RTS, Open World game, or an RPG. A new genre, original IP, attractive for everyone yet appealing to a hardcore audience. That is how Microsoft should do it.

NO_PUDding3732d ago

Isaac, but sony also needs RPG's to be fair.

I just discovered though, MGO is so RPG like. I love it. Anyway, I suspectthere will be soemthing.

TheColbertinator3732d ago

Alan Wake could be that.A combination of an open world game,horror,and mystery sounds innovative enough to break away.I dont care for FPS because I have a PS3,360,and PC rig so I'm kinda sick of FPS.

Isaac3732d ago

Or at least played on a first person perspective? While I do like them, I wish not all AAA games were like that as of late...

NO_PUDding3731d ago

I agree, you only really need CoD4 whatever platform you are on.

But it's always nice to have a Halo or MGO.

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jwatt3732d ago

I think M$ is going to gather a lot of their exclusive and pc exclusive and show them like they are exclusive to the 360. Besides a price cut I don't see too much of a casual push unless they do reveal a wii type controller. I expect to see alot of gears and Alan Wake and a few surprises.

Isaac3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

1.- "No more RROD, we finally found the cure"
2.- "Firmware update to read Blu-ray"
3.- "You can now use the IE web browser for free on 360"
4.- "Firmware update to prevent the console from sounding like an airplane"
5.- "Firmware update so that your 360 D-pad transforms into a decent one for fighting games and classic 2D games"
6.- "We have our own home rip-off right here"
7.- "Here is our Wii-mote clone"
8.- "Support for nearly every multimedia format"
9.- "We will never buy any established publisher; we will take the time to build our own studios from scratch, or buy small indies in order to promote a competitive market with lots of innovation and not a monopoly. This year will be the last one you will hear about timed exclusives on Xbox 360 and all of our bought `FULL exclusives will be new IP, not franchises that have had a history on other consoles."
10.-"We will not whore the Halo franchise, and will actually make original IP (truly original, not rehashes of other FPS), even if it is FPS"

And last but not least

"The ability to add any 3rd party HDD to your 360".

Oh wait.


I assume that those disagrees do not want a great game industry where all gamers win regardless of the platform you own. I also assume you do not mind that Xbox 360 RRODs or that there are things that Xbox 360 should be able to do like the competition does. Oh, and yeah:

"Xbox LIVE is now completely free"


"Xbox LIVE Silver users can now play online"

Edit 2:

Sorry to disappoint you buddy, some things are sarcasm, others are not. However, I honestly wish Microsoft gets rid of all its issues. Obviously you can not update the controller or the optical drive, I just wish the 360 D-pad was decent for fighting games and that the games could come out on Blu-ray (or HD-DVD). If that was the case, I would not be a PS3 fan (I just happen to love storage formats with lots of storage). However, I do like several 360 games. After all, my Avatar is none other than Ken Levine, the maker of Bioshock.

Here is another one

"Core and Arcade owners can now buy the 60GB HDD for 29.99 at any store in the USA, the Core and Arcade version will be discontinued in favor of a 60GB 360 which goes for 299.99"

Edit 3:

Socom nick, IMHO the PS3 controller is good for fighting games, the 360 is not. I am not saying the PS3 controller is the best, and in fact I did buy a 3rd party solution for my Xbox 360, the D-pad is better, too bad the rest of the controller is garbage, which is what I hate about 3rd party controllers. The gamecube controller, though it had one button less than the PS2 or Xbox, was excellent for fighting games at the time, since the D-pad is almost the best ever.

strotee3732d ago

Assuming this isn't sarcasm, I always figured you for a fan of Xbox. I agree with most of your list. :)

socomnick3732d ago

Both the xbox 360 pad and the ps3 pad are garbage for fighting games. You should invest on a hori ex 2 fighting joystick its only 50 bucks.

Isaac3732d ago

One of the best controllers for fighting games was the Saturn controller. The N64 controller could have been good had it had many fighting games, but I only remember very few of them, including War Gods, KI2, MK Trilogy, and one with Swords that was not very popular. The PS1 controller was good, though the Nintendo D-pad has always been best.

One of the worst controllers I have ever seen is the Dreamcast controller, ever since I saw it I thought the dreamcast would flop. With only one thumbstick and only 6 main buttons, it was garbage when compared to the latest PS1 controller and the PS2 controller.

For FPS, I do like the PS3 controller, since the D-pad is also used sometimes on them. The 360 triggers are better actually, but they are not bad on PS3, at least they are functional. However, one of the best controllers ever made IMHO is the wave bird, it is good for nearly everything. Its only fatal problem is that it only has 3 shoulder buttons instead of 4. However, the thumb sticks are absolutely the best, and the analogue triggers are also better than those you find on 360. Which is why I hate nintendos newfound garbage now, since it scraps all the advances of the past in favor of gimmicks.

TheColbertinator3732d ago

Very perceptive and interesting concepts on the 20+ plus years of controllers and console criteria.Bubble up.

Blackfrican3732d ago

You need a better title for your essay.

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juuken3732d ago better be enough to compete against Sony and Nintendo.
That's all I'm gonna say.

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