Anime Expo: Namco Bandai On Display

"One Namco Bandai fighter shines, another flops."

1UP delivers their report on Soul Calibur IV, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Tales of Vesperia from Namco Bandai's booth at the Anime Expo.

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Peow3728d ago

SCIV seems like its only about the womens breast size, but I could(and I hope) be wrong. Naruto is some whiney brat and all the nerds around my area all have these stupid headbands they wear to school and think they're ninjas. Never heard of Tales of Vesperia. Gaming sucks these days.

Sorry, off topic, probably gunna get deleted by a mod, maybe get banned. But I'm in a really bad mood and this is currently my only way to vent some steam. Yay.

NMC20073728d ago

because that is all everyone is focusing on for some reason, instead of focusing on the damn game, they are whining and pissing and moaning about the boobs, pretty lame, Neogaf is the worse I have seen this rediculous display.

They are just man made tits, been in the game industry since forever, get over it.

Not talking to you but just out loud in general.

Ninja-Sama3728d ago

I rly want to play T6 moreso than anyother fighting game this year...guess SC4 will have to tide me over till then.

Le-mo3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I wonder what's taking them so long to release Tekken 6. The game is already playable since it's been release for the arcades. Namco better wow me.

admeister3728d ago

I've played the demo, and Naruto is not choppy, and it's definitely not complex imo. Is it really so hard to press an L1 or R1 trigger to call in some allies to assist you briefly? I find games like Naruto much easier to get into than SC.

Baka-akaB3728d ago

Luckily those idiots got no impact on the sales of the 3 titles .

There is no way not to be impressed by Naruto unless you dont want to be . NO game from an anime license has ever been as beautiful and well animated .That alone is a feat worth mentioning .

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