Gamers Universe: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was not the game players of Final Fantasy Tactics had been waiting for. It's not hard to see why: structural and visual resemblances aside, the former is a bit of a hazelnut truffle to the latter's triple-decker Dark Forest gateau.

In place of protracted engagements, wafer-thin advantages and hard-won victories, there were stamp-sized maps, skirmishes which lasted mere moments and a difficulty curve as rugged as the Red Sea. In place of social injustice, familial strife and arabesque language, Tactics Advance served up a few paltry dialogue snippets and a Disney flick's worth of caricatures."

+As near to clean, simple fun as the genre is likely to get
+Polished script
+Studded with new features and refinements...

-...none of which drastically alter the five-year-old template
-Rarely forces you to be clever
-Doesn't build on its predecessor's premise
-Ageing visuals

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