The Incredible Hulk now has online multiplayer

With the recent patch The Incredible Hulk now has online multiplayer. On the main official site if you click on, Game Info, an click next a few times through the description of the game features, there is the section about online multiplayer, and it says it has co-op, head-to-head, and freeplay.

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jay23514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Oh that's good then :). More online play for a game.

ghostman1233514d ago

What I want to know is why are games like Hulk getting this patch when Bioshock clearly deserves it more? Multiplayer on that game would be kickass!

ice_prophecy3514d ago

They probably already had the multilayer structure implemented with the release. They probably wanted to guage the public response to game before dedicating the only services.

SpecialSauce3514d ago

Sega sucks now. every time i see Sega written on the bottom of a game case i instantly lose all interest in the game.

mf_fm3514d ago

anything has Sega on it.


thanks, but NO thanks

ChampIDC3514d ago

Well, that's not very nice, but I can't blame you with their track record as of late. Sega's glory days are over it seems.

Mcrmarcher3514d ago

This is off topic but i wish sega would make a new sonic game like the old ones, or even one like sonic adventure (my last favourite sonic game). Sega is really starting to suck =(

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