Loot Ninja Review: Secret Agent Clank

Loot Ninja writes: "I'll say right off the bat that Secret Agent Clank was far more fun to play than I had originally anticipated. A few problems aside, it fits very well into the Ratchet & Clank Universe.

That being said let's delve in a bit deeper yeah?

First off, the graphics are vibrant and clean - exactly what you would expect from a game in the Ratchet & Clank series. A couple of jaggies here and there are hardly noticeable. A few muddy textures rear their ugly heads as well. Overall, it looks pretty damn good for a PSP game. The level design ranges from impressive to cookie-cutter-ish (Captain Qwark's levels are the best in the game). The game's music and sound bites are par for the course (that is to say they are done well), and the voice acting is up to its usual standard (Captain Qwark's segments are especially well done and damn funny to boot)."

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