David Hayter Critical of Some MGS Moments

"Event's guest of honor speaks openly about his starring role."

Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter was surprisingly candid at Anime Expo's centerpiece guest-of-honor panel, where he admitted to being frustrated at times with Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima's over-the-top scriptwriting and direction. He specifically called out the suicide scene highlighted in Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers, saying that Snake, a man who's killed thousands, shouldn't flinch at pulling the trigger on himself. "I didn't agree with that at all, and I begged them to change it, but I think it's still in the final game," he said. "I didn't buy it at all. I think it's weak for Snake to be killing other people and then not be able to kill himself when it's time. If he knows it's time, then it's time."

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Silogon3519d ago

Welp, that settles it. David Hayter is going to xbox 360!

GiantEnemyCrab3519d ago

No, but I bet MS paid him to say that.

At least if you ask a fishhead!


Kleptic3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

who let you two idiots back in the house?...Crab, your comment would hold some weight if the 360 ever ran a game that looked even close to MGS4...

3 UE3 exclusives and Halo 3; does not an impressive console make...

juuken3519d ago

...Two idiots in a can.
Lol...MGS4 isn't coming to the 360 little children.

DavidMacDougall3518d ago

Love Metal gear but David Hayter should shut his ****ing mouth and say the lines hes being told to say and leave !

ravinash3518d ago

So he'll have an opinion like everyone.

But I would have to disagree with him....just because you have killed 100s of people does not mean you'd be able to take your own life.

If anything, because snake has been in that situation and survived is because he is a surviver. and to be that, he would want to live.

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power of Green 3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Snake was killing people? I thought they were Chickens in human suits?.

Humans don't zig-zag across a room alarmed or spooked like animals looking right at the "threat" not knowing what to be scared of untill the threat moves the wrong way.

People in MGS4(AI's) remind my of semi spooked gazelle when a predator is lurking(knows somthings there even see's the Lion etc stalking and won't break untill the cats are running).

Those are not ears above their heads those are exclamation marks on both sides of their heads.

Tmac3519d ago

I didn't know retards like you could even play MGS? Learn new things every day.

juuken3519d ago

...PoG, you're a dumbass.
Unless you've played the game, then you have no right to speak.
Be gone foul xbot.

PoSTedUP3519d ago

- you just made my day : D

Fanboy Slaughter3519d ago

And I thought Master Queef was a pea soup can with a gun, until I heard him talk, then I was convinced that he was just a diarrhea-colored moron with a gun.

jif863519d ago

Master Bater Queef likes it in his butt, and Solid Snake could skull-fcuk him any time he wanted.

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niall773519d ago

I mean how didnt think that "love on the battlefeild" scene was a bit "iffy"

and as for the talk about the end of MGS4.. I agree that the end should have been as soon as the credits first poped up and everything after that was just to make hardcore fans happy and rap up things no one other then the most hardcore mgs nerd would care about.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3519d ago

They should have made it so that you would pull the trigger yourself, scene goes white, then after credits you see Big boss which stopped Snake and etc etc. happens

therealwillie3519d ago

while i agree, i think there's a fairly good argument to say that hey, maybe he should flinch at pulling the trigger, after all its not a game where you do kill "thousands" your not supposed to kill anyone really.

overall, mgs was in need of some good editing, there was lots of pieces that well, just didn't need to be there. i did enjoy the game though and i would still give it 10 out of 10 for one simple reason, i will never ever forget it.... and there is hardly any game i can say that about. almost every moment was a joyride! (almost)

Mainman3519d ago

@ niall

Trust me on this, hardcore MGS fans are not happy with that ending.

Bigrhyno3519d ago


Was about to say the same thing :).

hazeblaze3519d ago

What hardcore fans weren't happy with the ending? I'm a hardcore fan that liked the way this game put an ending to the series... it wrapped up every thread. The internet is full of MGS fans that are happy with the ending... in fact, this is the first I'm hearing of anyone NOT happy with the ending. The wedding bits stretched a little too long, but other than that, I enjoyed the way they wrapped it up. So I'm not really sure where your info is coming from.

morganfell3519d ago

I disagree. I am about as hardcore as you can get and I was quite happy with that ending. Hayter had no problem saying anyting because he knows his tour is over. When they do next game it will focus on Big Boss after MGS3. But unlike MGS3 Hayter won't be doing the voice.

Violater3519d ago

It doesn't really matter, the game sis till awesome.
This no one can trely dispute

Mainman3519d ago

My 'hardcore fans aren't happy' argument comes from my observations at the forums.

Omegasyde3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The true ending to me was before the credits. Everything after was trash.

After the credits I was like WTF? Who is this guy in the wheelchair and why the guy pushing him?
Why should I care? Its Zero a decrepid old man and Big Boss? Didn't his body die in a corpse?

Then I READ the MGS4 "database"
: Suppsoingly they "recreated" big Boss from "liquid snakes" body parts....?

Granted Zero, should of actually been the final Boss in my opinion instead of liquid...but the final fight was great. Then Snake lives?

Big Boss Bullsh##:
"o Naomi injected you with FOXALIVE (wtf?) and now you just die of old age. Someone how though, you still have some foxdie in you and its killing me. (wtf?) O and you EVA didn't die from a SERIOUS loss of blood it was FOXDIE (which makes no sense? since she was never at Shadow Moses so foxdie was "targeted" for her) So snake "my son" live your days out while I just die here.

Seriously I see why some reviewers gave the game a 9.9/10 because of bull$*** second ending. Kojima Effed up bad and I know more people hated the second part than liked it.

Honestly I am 100% sure Konami had Kojima write that ending.

And lets now talk about Raidens MUCH NEEDED INFORMATION. They totaly took it out of game but put some BS ending in? I have found through the data base:

Solidus Snake is really raidens adopted father, that he was abducted by the patriots and turned into a cyborg (cyber ninja version 3) and that he rescued olga's daughter sunny from Area 51.

WTF that is much needed info that needed to be in the game! Who the f*** didn't want to know why all of a sudden Raiden was some legendary badass? Why Olga's daughter is hanging out with Otacon? Why Raiden freaking jacked into the matrix and bleeds white instead of red?

/wall of text.

Also BS that they brought raiden back after having both arms gone and 22+tons of a massive ship crushing him. They should of cut that scene out or have him die there a hero!

Edit: to person below me. I played all 3 games and beat all 3. I even played as Snake in Smash Brothers. I loved the first ending. Hated the Second ending and lack of background on Raiden's situation.

LastDance3519d ago

I dont agree with hayter...Killing yourself isnt the same as killing other ppl wtf.

LOL @ the guys saying hardcore fans dont like the end...cop a load of that wicked crap. I bet the only people who didnt like the end only played 1 or 2 of the games.

Madgunner3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

that ending was perfect some people are very short sighted about the end *SPOILERS AHEAD* the fact that snake dirint kill himself first of all would of not concluded the story because the convo at the end wouldnt had happen but even thats not the one of the reasons why the ending was great. the relationship between big boss and snake was very empty .... until i saw the ending, and honestly if u asked me seeing big boss die was just as sad as seeing snake died because he was the worlds greatest solider.. and his story was by far the best ever in all the series ( EXCEPT part 4 )all of the patriots have sinned and well died for it in the end it was the patriots who gave snake a world to live in.. an actual fate he can call his own. seeing big boss die , his father , the soldier that everyone fought for lied dead besides snake and at that time snake felt diffrently about him dying now that he knew the truth about everything, it wasent like zanizbar land or outer heaven... to me PERFECT ending, everyone feels that the hero NEEDS to die in order to satisfy the story, in many cases that can be said to be true , but it doesnt always have to be the case and is absurd to think so.... i could go even more deep and write a page worth of this but im gona cut this short.. point is... i am one of the most hardcore fans u'll ever meet when it comes to MGS, and yet im statisfied? so what happened there?

PS: oh and by the way .. he did HAVE A VERY short time to live... so snake DID die maybe u dirint actually get to see it, but believe it he is dead. and otacon DID STAND BY HIM... TO THE BITTER END.

NO_PUDding3519d ago

Everythign was great for me, apart from Snake being left alive. And that was Konami's hand.

He should have taken a toke of Big Boss' Cigar and then popped himself. That very well may have made the game tear worthy. And I loved the Love of the Battlefield thing, I just wish, once again Meryl and Johnny had been killed off, or atleast one was.

Zero being killed off was not sad. He took a crap mintues earlier, and it was obviously more than time for him to go. Seeing the start of the patriots end was superb though. And Big Boss rocked.

Bigrhyno3519d ago

Everything before the credits was just a perfect hollywood ending. /vomit Everything after the credits went into way too much detail about the plot and after a while I was like jesus BB just die already. The only reason it was there was to fill every little plot hole that was left open and left nothing for the viewers imagination. Three was a lot more emotional and enjoyable to watch... four just felt like he was trying to conclude everything and not try to make a really good ending.

Winter47th3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Sort'a off topic but, I'm enjoying the debate and different point of views here, since I'm not an MGSer to the core, I always like arguments over the blurry parts of the story.

For me, this is the kind'a game that'll be more appreciated by time passing, they don't make such quality as much these days.
My only grip would be the Beauty & the Beast parts, should'a been shafted, nor Akiba & Meryle's segment at the end.

Haven't checked MGS Database yet, for some reason it won't recognize my saves.

Omegasyde3519d ago

You guys do realize how big boss came back to life? Here I hope I knocked some sense into you guys:

Although badly burned, his body was much later recovered by EVA who put him back together using pieces of his cloned sons, Liquid and Solidus. When she was finished, Big Boss looked as though he had never been burned. When GW was later properly destroyed, it led the way open into JD, which in turn revealed the location of Zero. Big Boss, now fully revived, headed to find him. As Solid Snake stood in front of Big Boss's grave after having nearly attempted to kill himself, Big Boss emerged from out of the shadows with Zero, telling his son that there was no hatred between them.


So that "corpse" that actually burns at the end of act 2 IS BIG BOSS AFTER ALL. EVA DOESN'T DIE AT THE END OF ACT 2 EITHER(wtf?). Later I guess, who knows? A lot of people stated that EVA was guarding a "fake body" which isn't true. She really had big boss in that zip lock bag on life support. How she put him back together? So how about that second ending now that some of you have seen the light.

History: (before MGS4)
big boss "dies" Metal gear 2 (NES)
Patriots recover him make him a vegetable
Raiden and EVA steal him. ....MGS4.


mistertwoturbo3519d ago

omegasyde, you have it a bit mixed up.

the real big boss was still in a comatose state which was controlled by the patriots. the meat bag guy was really solidus, it's also very obvious it's solidus because he's missing his left eye, big boss is missing his right eye.

when solid snake and otacon uploaded the foxalive virus, destroying JD and the other patriot AI, big boss awoken. EVA already put him together using liquid and solidus's body part. which explains why solidus looks like he does in the meat bag.

EVA died by the new foxdie virus that was injected into snake by drebin. the new foxdie also killed ocelot, and big boss. if you listen to the noise it makes, they all make the same sound before they die.

hope i cleared that up. also, my source is the MGS4 database. not Wikipedia which is typed by random people.

Bigrhyno3519d ago

Mistertwoturbo is right. My source? The end of the game.

snakeater33519d ago

if i was kojima, i would have
1. had johnny and meryl being killed in the forum while proposing to each other
2. had raiden being massacred by the frogs
3 mei ling biting a bullet from atop the missouri
4 snake shooting himself AND the player must do it.
5. otacon remains alive

no bullsh!t bigboss ending
what u think guys?

Lew_Ijgee3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Stop cowardly hiding behind these internet forums and go out and prove it. Otherwise STFU.

There is a reason he among those leading in the creation of these great games such as MGS an not you.

Lyan3518d ago

The gameplay dynamics of all MGS games has always been way above average, however the story line, plot, and story telling have been the weak points.

You can say the story was epic all day long, but if you were to take the dialog, backstory, and every scene interaction and put it on paper for nearly any literature critic to read, they would say it was an incoherent and inconsistent story. What makes the attraction and connection is gameplay and interaction. Interaction and dynamic moments in games create a connection, especially when they are placed well and done well. MGS's dynamics have always been done very well, and so people look past the incoherent and convoluted story dilemmas. Inconsistency in story telling, story arcs, and character development become less important because of the bond you develop with the current context of what your experiencing.

Its partly why there is such an emphasis on graphics in all games, b/c it is something flashy to distract people from the lack of well developed and well planned depth. Its not that MGS doesn't have depth, it has more depth than nearly any game ever created. The problem is, and has been said many times by other people, is the lack of editing. Creating a story in chunks and adding in things along the way is bound to create dilemmas in connecting it all. This creates depth out of necessity to fulfill unfinished content and adds so much that there is bound to be many loose ends which in turn require more depth to explain, vicious cycle. The core of the story, the conspiracy, espionage, and war, is good but all the peripheral elements are weak and drag.

Yes I have played all 4 MGS games and I plan to find and play snatcher.

fusionboxer3518d ago

I don't think Snake is the type to really kill people seeing as I didn't kill a soul in MGS4. If you think about it he rarely takes his enemies life unless it's completely necessary.

But then that's the cool thing about Snake. He has his own personality, but what he does is completely up to the player. David Hayter may make his snake kill countless people, but when I play as snake I spare everyone.

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therealwillie3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

i think there should be a new rule

anyone who posts a comment has to approve the bloody story!!!!

name3519d ago

That would have been perfect. Bubbles.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3519d ago

Yeah I got the idea, from MGS3 where you had to pull the trigger to kill The Boss. Bubble to you too.

Gish3519d ago

You said bubbles back to him but didnt bubble him. Just making sure bubble dispersment is proper :)

ThanatosDMC3519d ago

Yeah, i agree with Hellbringer... that would have been awesome.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3519d ago

@ Gish

Agree and bubbles are diff. things plus a lot of people have to give bubbles in order for you to actually get more bubbles.

Polluted3519d ago

There was a scene at the end of the Gungrave game for PS2 where the character had his gun pointed at someone's head and you had to pull the trigger. There was absolutely no hud telling you what to do and the game would stay at that same screen forever if you didn't press X to pull the trigger. It was very effective. Putting players in Snakes shoes so they had to end it would have been really cool.

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