TGR Review: Requiem: Bloodymare

TGR writes: "I've played more than my fair share of MMOs since the genre began to gain popularity amongst the gaming community. World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa, Everquest: I have run, walked, and fought my way through all of them. However, something new made its way to me from across the Internet, an invitation to a new and darker species of MMO, a passage to a realm that has made the very halls of the Forsaken's realm seem like Central Park on New Year's Eve. It is the realm of Requiem.

What most stands out about Requiem: Bloodymare is how violent it can be. Oh, certainly, there are other MMOs that are not known for their clean hands, but Requiem takes this much farther forward than any of the rest. Enemies don't simply slump to the ground when defeated: limbs are removed, heads suddenly go missing without leaving a note, and in extreme cases, the bodies of your foes will end up not-so-neatly bifurcated. It is not surprising given the very dark theme of the game, which places you in a world where violence is a daily way of life and the world is a much darker place than it once was. If you've always thought that the current crop of MMOs always tended to be too tame, then Requiem: Bloodymare is the game for you."

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