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The first three months of the year are usually reserved for game titles that actually at the end of last year should have come, but not met this launch date. Similarly, The Order 1886, a remarkable retelling of the King Arthur story.

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Farmassy1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Still can't make up my mind about this game. It definitely has potential. I am just ready for it to be out so that we can judge for ourselves. I am so tired of people conjecturing about how good or bad it is... just let the game speak for itself

The 10th Rider1424d ago

I know, lol. I hope reviews are pretty consistent, as well...Imagine the back and forth articles we'll get if it gets a ton of mixed reviews.

nucky641424d ago

judging from the hate coming from the journos during the last year, I'm not putting any faith in reviews. there's a lot about the order I'm liking, so i'll give it a try....if I don't enjoy it, I can always sell it on ebay or amazon.

nowitzki20041424d ago

I will try it. I am just hoping its not a short game.

No_Limit1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Insert FromFrom the article.

"of the approximately one-hour session so I was definitely a busy quarter with this interactive videos. It's a great idea and it may otherwise static films make interesting, but obviously it must not be at the expense of the rest of the game. So wait and see."

They said the game looks surprise there..but a quarter of the hour is spent on watching cut scene is not what I expected. Hopefully the final game will be more like 10% or less on cutscene/QTE and more on actual gameplay.

NegativeCreep4271424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

that whole "it's nothing but an interactive movie" excuse was popularized against Metal Gear Solid 4 (before the MGS franchise went multi-platform...coincidently) . And we all know how MGS4 turned out...I see no legitimate reasons to not be optimistic about The Order.

Killzoner991424d ago

Another article from a no name website bashing The Order and trying to make a name for itself , what a huge surprise. Don't feed them hits and simply ignore it. The real reviews for this game have already been tainted so I wouldn't put much weight in them at this point.

marloc_x1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Jesus, you don't even have ANY idea of the context of this article for having made this comment zoner.

Rebel Without a Clue..

Maxor1424d ago

No need to be concerned. If you're buying this, then you're buying it for the graphics anyways.

Master-H1424d ago

Sure, because a game can't have both, awesome graphics and gameplay.


nucky641424d ago

not just that - the setting, atmosphere, real-life characters from history, weapons, story, monsters all look very interesting.

traumadisaster1424d ago

It's worth a buy to me for what u stated but that doesn't mean at this point, anybody who hasn't played the game should be able to say how it will turn out.

The last year should have taught all, that no game is safe from jackin up.

ger23961424d ago

And that my friend, is the reason I'm buying it day one.

DougLord1424d ago

So many redflags. Wait for the reviews. I understand their are some troll sites where you might not trust the reviews, but certainly their are 10+ sites of the 50+ that will review this game that are generally unbiased.