The Bitbag Review: Battle Fantasia

The Bitbag writes: "Ready yourself with either magic or steel for this unique fantasy fighting game! Battle Fantasia will lure you into it's fresh style of art, characters, and stages. With a creative line up of fighters to choose from, including the back story, this one can certainly be worth the import.

Let's start off with the setting, shall we? It's a mix of fantasy and science fiction, but more so on the fantasy. For example, a character named Urs uses a hybrid of a chainsaw, light saber and a air board. That's right, chainsaw + light saber + air board = KICK ASS! And the character does just so. Each stage is a part of the world that you're in, just like any other fighting game. The detail of the map is hand drawn, which goes well with the rest of the art style, including the characters."

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tomadonxl3727d ago

That is not a picture of Battle Fantasia. That is a picture of Sengoku Basara X (Devil Kings X).