TGR Review: The Bourne Conspiracy - "Rent it for the memories"

TGR - "Since the Bourne movies are action flicks, the game really has to keep the same pace, forcing you into constant action and keeping you on your toes throughout. In that sense, there is a lot of fighting and a lot of gunplay thrown your way throughout the adventure. The fighting is shallow yet impressive, while the shooting mechanics are nearly broken."

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Erasmus3733d ago

I'll probably give this one a rent eventually, but I think it's pretty evident it's not worth a purchase.

thegamereviews3733d ago

It is an ok game but I will probably not finish it

aubradley3733d ago

If they would have made the combat a little more deep and put any effort at all into the gunplay then it could have been great, but as it is now it's just so-so.