Halo: What's The Big Deal?

Neocrisis - Halo was Xbox's staple game in the early days. It was the driving force behind the success of the Xbox. Halo 2 solidified the Xbox's spot among the top game consoles, beating out the Playstation 2 in sales across the USA. Halo 3, being the newest release, and the supposed last installment of the Halo series, has enjoyed a ridiculous amount of success. According to Wikipedia, "Halo 3 grossed $300(US) million in its first week. More than one million people played Halo 3 on Xbox Live in the first twenty hours. As of January 3, 2008, Halo 3 has sold 8.1 million copies, and was the best-selling video game of 2007 in the US."

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Shepherd 2143734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

you really should have thought this through before posting an article about this.

1. Halo deserves its success because of its storyline throughout the 3 games, and its uniquely different and detailed atmosphere. also whats big is an extremely superior party and lobby system, followed by the best community features ever featured in a videogame(map editing, saved film clips, filesharing all of these with your friends, 4 player campaign co-op play, etc.)

2. the gravity hammer is one of the best ideas for a weapon, solid proof being the extremely popular sport called Grifball, google it to learn about it

3. Halo 3 completely eliminated superjumps and most cheating methods, leaving minimal chance of any unfair play.

4. You said that halo makes it so you cant know if the guys your killing is really better or worse than you because of the gameplay features, which is a poor statement. You could easily say this about any game thats played online. Examples:
MLG- why would Halo and MLG be featured on ESPN if you werent truely testing each others skills and effectiveness in its gameplay and combat?
Gears of War- The huge host advantage and unavoidable poor network connectivity makes it near impossible to really know whos better, unless you play LAN instead of over xbox live. even then, it doesnt matter whether your host or not, if you have a slightly better connection than the other guys, your bullets will register a bit faster than theirs, which can make or break a match. Everyone might even seem like they are running fine, but these issues are ALWAYS present in gears of war and others as well.(You can shoot someone directly in their face in gears, and they hardly flinch, but then they blow you apart with the saem weapon for unknown reasons, things like this, inconsistancy). Having not played many PS3 games, i can say about them, but no game is completely fair when your playing online, simply because of connectivity.

Basically what im saying is your arguement isnt fair, you pointing out halo's flaws because its popular and thats it, when there are many other quality games that have as much or even more flaws that deserve their own articles like this more than halo, and your points can be said about any game.

The Halo Trilogy is amazing, both artistically and gaming-wise, and many do not possess the intelligence to open their mind and truely see these things before they decide they can randomly bring up these pointless arguements.

juuken3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

...Halo is the most overrated, overhyped, overstated series I have ever seen. MS hyped the hell out of this game until the other games on their system were almost non-existent.

...Do you honestly believe what you've just posted there?
Because it smells of bullshittery.

LOOOOOOOL, I'm jealous of Halo? I never liked that game from the start when it first came out. This game gets milked worse than a freakin' cow.

edit: Disagrees FTL! I never played Halo, but I just don't like it. I'm entitled to that opinion, just like you xbox fanatics hate on MGS4 for absolutely no reason at all.

Deadman643734d ago

You never played Halo? Your entire post = fail.

Isaac3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

The other day I was discussing this with Jinxstar: Why is Halo such a big deal?

I really did not get what is the big deal with Halo. The storyline is cliched: "superhero saves future world from aliens", the art style is not realistic in that it is like a cartoon so it does not set any mood like most art mediums do, the gun design is uninspired, the fact that alien enemies behaving and talking like humans do is childish.

And who the hell says it is fast paced action? I mean seriously, that is bullsh1t, the campaign is ridiculously boring, there was no strategy needed for the game, you do not need to switch guns or choose which gun you will use according to the situation or your skills, you just have to shoot and hide to recover, shoot hide shoot hide.

Not only that, but the flood are not really scary, I never even had to fart during any Halo, unlike Doom, Quake, Resistance, Pray, Darkness, Jericho, Condemned, among others, some of which almost made me have to change my underwear (though the only games I have had to use preventive diapers were Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil). I mean seriously this game miserably fails in the Intellectual Property originality department harder than a blind man at a fish depository.

The worst thing is that what Halo 1 and 2 did for the first Xbox in the graphics technology department, Halo 3 did not. I do give praise to the soundtrack, however. Not the best I have heard by a longshot, Final Fantasy is the best most of the times in that dept, but it is great nonetheless.

However, these are not important parts. A game could have sh1tty storyline, art style and graphics and still be a good game. However, a terrible game could have a fine soundtrack and excellent graphics technology but suck bad, like Lair, which did everything right except the gameplay, which is ironic since it is a game.

So moving on to Halos important part, I asked Jinxstar "WTF, I do not get why Halo is so high above the skies for the fanboys and reviewers, I have played lots of better FPS in the single player and multiplayer department". According to my friend Jinxstar, Halo 1 perfected FPS controls, and Halo 2 mastered Online FPS on consoles. So, even if it did, IMHO these are not amazing milestones.

The first achievement, perfecting FPS controls, is hardly something developers made much effort to attain. Game controllers have been evolving ever since the first NES, and Sony pretty much nailed it with the PSOne controller, considering the 360 controller has almost the same shape, give or take a few features. My point is, this achievement was attained thanks to the successive evolution of game controllers, not because any developer made a lot of effort for good game controls. Golden Eye, Doom 64, Turok, and South Park controlled very well on N64, another thumbstick simply added precision.

The second achievement is hardly something worth bragging about either, as it is also an advancement of technology. I do give credit to Microsoft (and/or Bungie) though, because on the contrary of the last one, this one would have taken some time had Microsoft not come to the console industry.

While SOCOM was great on PS2, Halo 1 was a great achievement for LAN parties and Halo 2 for finally having multiplayer with more than 4 people and not necessitating split-screen, on consoles. Perhaps not the first to do that, but definitely the most robust and visited by gamers online game back then.

Even then, I still do not honor Microsoft, I only respect them (in that aspect), as that would have happened anyway, perhaps taken longer, but would have happened. It is not like Nintendo and Miyamoto that, as much as I hate the Wii now, gaming would have never existed the way it does without them. Mario and Zelda, especially Ocarina of Time, revolutionized the meaning of production values in terms of gameplay (too bad they mostly do garbage now). Then again I might say it because I always value the single player aspect of games before the multiplayer one.

And if you think anyone that dislikes Halo is because they lack intelligence, I can say just the opposite: "Whoever likes halo is an easily satisfied idiot". However, I do not believe that, I only believe that whoever still likes Halo has missed a lot of better games, both single player campigns and multiplayer modes.

juuken3733d ago


Cry me a freakin' river.

Kleptic3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

great post Isaac...I totally agree...

I'll admit that I loved Halo 1...and Halo 2...spent easily over a hundred hours between the two over the last generation of consoles...I think a lot of why I enjoyed it so much was the sheer lack of other decent shooters on consoles last generation...I never enjoyed the single player aspects of halo...

as a PC shooter fan, Halo always seemed very childish and overrated...a lot of friends in college ended up buying Xbox's though, and lan/beer parties with Halo 1 was a lot of fun...but a lot of kids act like Halo is the greatest shooter ever...far from it...its a decent shooter among an ocean of them...

and Halo 3?...I found UT3 a much more heterosexual shooter with vehicles, and UT3 actually had 'fast paced gameplay'...

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Pedobear3734d ago

Its the most hyped up game on the planet. Thats all.

Mwaan3734d ago

I think Halo is the best there is. The controls are smooth, the enemies are smart, and those vehicles are awfully fun to drive.

socomnick3734d ago

Yea overall balanced and it just does everything right. Especially the great multiplayer and the amazing community features.

LastDance3734d ago

do you guys really think that multiplayer is balanced? lol....

First halo was great.

Tawnokoi3734d ago

It certainly seems to be the most bashed game series, that's for sure.

Look past the hype. There's a rather good game underneath, I promise.

jamilion3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"Halo 2 solidified the Xbox's spot among the top game consoles, beating out the Playstation 2 in sales across the USA."

Is this website retarded? PS2 sales in america raped the SH1T outta xbox. Get your facts right. PS2 sold more in NA than xbox sold worldwide.

"As of January 3, 2008, Halo 3 has sold 8.1 million copies, and was the best-selling video game of 2007 in the US.”
uh... NO, COD4 was the best selling video game of 2007 in 2 less months should i add!
This article/news/whatever the hell it is = FAIL!

Daxx3734d ago

I used to love Halo but not so much anymore. What finally killed my Halo vibe was Halo 3. I found Halo 3's story to be very anti-climatic and the multiplayer to be nothing more than a virtual playground for pre-teen and teenage boys who have no sense of respect, absolutely no manners, and not a single ounce of tolerance.


I would say TODAY, the only big deal is the community build around the game, which most game publishers would love to have.

Don't get me wrong, not a bad game, just don't have the wow factor anymore, in fact it's pretty much your regular shooter you get anywhere else (victim of its own fame?).

I bought Halo 1, pretty much just for thinking/hoping/praying that the game would be related to Marathon. I was following it since 1999, when i heard (read) the 'Bungie' world in Macworld Expo. It turned out to not be related (even if the armors remember too much, which also leads me to think it) but was really great game. I couldn't get the XB day and date by the time, I got one just before when Halo 2 was out, with Halo 1 as first game.

But them, like 2 months after, I got Halo 2 and I think was there that everything went wrong... I was not impressed, it was okay, but just losing something. Halo 3 come, I waited (with a sack of salt for the hype), played it on my local rental service (here in Brazil usually the rental have also console for you pay to play, since many don't have consoles) and was about to buy a 360 if it was good... Well, is enough to say I still don't have a 360.

It's definitely nothing against it, it's not calling Halo a crap game nor nothing like, but I understand when people come and ask "so what is the big deal with this game?", specially those that don't played the first one.

NegativeCreep4273734d ago

When Halo first premiered, it was a pretty kick-a$$ game. I admit it, I enjoyed playing it with my friends and I thought it was ONE of the best FPS's on the market at the time, but compared to the innovative use of RPG elements of Deus Ex and the ground-breaking mechanics of Half-Life, it was just a FUN FPS, but far from ground-breaking.

Halo 3 was fun, but FAR from ground-breaking. I just get upset at the double standards that exist for the PS3. If Halo 3 premiered on the PS3, all the top reviewers would be complaining about all its prevalent flaws like its lack of innovation. But since it is for the xbox 360 it was nearly "the best F'n thing on earth" when it launched.

harrisk9543734d ago

Did that article say that the Xbox beat PS2 sales b/c of Halo 2??? WTF is wrong with some of these websites... All you need to have as sensationalist title and get hits.... I guess research (or just common sense) don't matter much nowadays.

N2NOther3733d ago

"1.5 - WTF!!!!
"Halo 2 solidified the Xbox's spot among the top game consoles, beating out the Playstation 2 in sales across the USA."

Is this website retarded? PS2 sales in america raped the SH1T outta xbox. Get your facts right. PS2 sold more in NA than xbox sold worldwide."

He's talking about the week of release. Not total. There's not a single person on the planet, that thinks XBOX outsold the PS2 in total

"As of January 3, 2008, Halo 3 has sold 8.1 million copies, and was the best-selling video game of 2007 in the US.”
uh... NO, COD4 was the best selling video game of 2007 in 2 less months should i add!
This article/news/whatever the hell it is = FAIL! "

By the time 2007 ended, Halo 3 was the best selling game of 2007. Which he said quite clearly. Though it didn't sell 8.1 million copies by January 3rd. Maybe July 3rd.

And COD 4 is multiplatform, so while it has sold more, Halo 3 is exclusive and that, whether anyone likes the game or not (I fall in the "not" category) it's rather impressive.

wallace10003733d ago

In my opinion it wasn't overhyped, it was just well advertised. Plus Halo 3 is a sweet game, the story was interesting, the game play is fun, and the multiplier is fantastic. Halo 3 gets bashed a lot for the same reason the Wii gets bashed so much. Wii is the number 1 selling console, Halo 3 is the number 1 selling game. I can't even begin to count the number of times i have seen the Wii called a gimic. Some people have a really hard time with the fact that the console they own isn't #1 and that the #1 selling game isn't on their console. People can cry all they want, but it will never change the fact that Halo 3 and the Halo franchise as a whole are great games.

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Xbox is the BEST3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

you on top it always brings jealously and envy.

kazuma3734d ago

that's so true, microsoft really is jealous of the other companies, that's why they jumped on board.

on topic: love halo <3

socomnick3734d ago

So true. Thats why I expect a bunch of sony loyalist to come in here and try to praise their amazingly generic and horrible resistance game.

PirateThom3734d ago

As if Halo isn't amazingly generic and horrible?

Frankly, Halo has only proven one thing. It doesn't matter how generic or outright bad a game is, if it's accessible to casual gamers (yes, I'm calling Halo 3 a casual game, no way those sales were all hardcore gamers, not with the way it was advertised) and hyped enough, it will sell.

Halo is Microsoft's Wii Fit.

socomnick3734d ago

Halo = the absolute meaning of hardcore games.

This franchise started the whole hardcore gaming though. 8 million copies sold and you dont call it hardcore ? your crazy.

flambeau3734d ago

How many of those "hardcore" gamers are 12 year old kids that cry when you kill them?

PirateThom3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Halo is not a hardcore game, especially when you consider the sheer number of children and casuals it attracted.

Maybe on the XBox Halo and Halo 2 were hardcore, but only because no one bought the thing bar hardcore gamers, but the 360 is another matter, it's still mostly hardcore, but there's a huge number of casuals and kids playing it and most of them made up the Halo 3 sales numbers.

So, yeah, 8 million copies sold means absolutely nothing in relation to this argument about the "fanbase" of Halo. I'm sure you're a fan, which is fine, but don't be blinded and think that those 8 million sales = 8 million hardcore gamers. If it was only hardcore gamers, they wouldn't have had such a huge advertising campaign since hardcore gamers know it's coming.

I think you're working on the basis that only Wii and games like Singstar can be casual, trust me, the definition of what makes a game casual is a lot broader than that.

kazuma3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

what? hardcore? halo? now i get why ppl are so obsessed with achievements/trophies! that's because they think they're "hardcore"!

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Crazywhitie3734d ago

I loved Halo 1, Sat in line for 4 hrs to get Halo 2... Now I Hate the Game, The only reason this game is still making money is Kids.. It's a very Kid Friendly Game, My 8yr old loves it to death... I think They should have Delayed Halo 3 the graphic weren't what they should have been.. not even HD... also from Halo 1-3 it's the same game every time..
Maybe now that bungie has left MS maybe PS3 will get another crappy Game

PirateThom3734d ago

I just think the problem with Halo is that it's a forced development, rather than a company making a game as a labour of love. The fact Bungie had to break away from Microsoft to make new IPs should be a little indication of that.

thehitman3734d ago

it got a 9 on ign for graphics and they gave ut3 a 9 for graphics so you can pretty much say that halo 3 success is off hype and not that the game is actually good.


Bungie was great before MS and was also great with MS (for a while at least). The problem, I think, was exactly this, MS has found a proven money printer, why bother making anyother thing?

That pretty much killed Halo was for me (2 is just same as 1, so is 3, none of them wowed me like Halo 1) and almost put Bungie in the same hole. Interesting since one of the motivations for Bungie to accept MS offer by the time was that they were afraid of being developing for someone that don't know or don't care about games, just as a diversion or showcase. They shaked hands with MS as the guarantee to be funded and trated by people that actually care about the quality of the game, that would let they do their work, and not just pression for a deadline... MS just drink their life instead. LOL

I don't know if they would make PS3 games, in fact, they were more of a Mac developer before MS buyout, than they was PC and XB/X360. They don't have that much experience in consoles out of MS systems... I think they making games for PC would be good enough, even doing them for 360 is already good enough, they just need to be let alone by MS, so they can develope as they used to (slow, but with quality in mind over timing).

And just to remember, they are not under MS ownership, buy they still work with MS, actually looks like MS would publish their games.

Xi3734d ago

bungie also made oni, and they released marathon for the apple console that they released,

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IQUITN4G3734d ago

Halo 2 and 3 are not perfect but they are fun over and over especially Halo3.People can be very dismissive of these great games for the simple reason that they haven't really played them.I'm well over a hundred played missions on Halo3 and it just gets better each time - some great fps out there but none i know that boast Halo's replayability

Halo1 still proves to be the best overall but actually it's the weakest in combat gameplay terms - Halo3 is simply fantastic

For every great game you get it's haters of course

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