TechRadar Review: ATI Radeon HD 4870

Just how much are you willing to pay to have the fastest graphics card? That's always been a tricky question for PC gaming enthusiasts.

But with the release of ATI's latest performance graphics chipset, the Radeon HD 4870, it's become a real conundrum.

That's because AMD's graphics subsidiary has given up chasing the outright 3D performance crown.

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fermcr3663d ago

Great card for the price...

and the HD4850 is too a great card, cheaper then this one.

bumnut3663d ago

ati are going to do very well with these cards, they are not as powerful as the new nvidia cards, but costless than 1/2 the price.

and in these times of financial uncertainty most people don't have a spare £400 for gtx 280
i can buy a quad core cpu and 4870 and still spend less than the cost a gtx280.

mariusmal3663d ago

i own a nvidia card. but my system has crossfire