Rise of the Argonauts: "Akin To Mass Effect"

Jim Rossignol reports:

''This week we were brave enough to extract a few worlds of Homeric wisdom from Charley Price, the lead designer on Codemasters' new action RPG, Rise Of The Argonauts. Needless to say, the Liquid Entertainment man was keen to talk up how RotA is rather different from previous videogame interpretations of classical Greek mythology, and tell us how the game was "akin to Mass Effect". Head clickwards for the words, and a bunch of brand new Argonauty screenshots.

Price explained that the Jason story we will play through is one of their own devising: of bringing his murdered wife Alceme back from the dead. The opening scenes take place after the princess's assassination: "Our first moments of gameplay follow Jason's bloody chase of the assassin through the halls of his massive palace," said Price. "Joined by Hercules, Jason tears through hordes of vicious Ionian mercenaries using his lethal expertise with sword, mace, and spear to ultimately cut off the assassin's escape."

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SullyDrake3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Greek Mythology, RPG elements, open world, Unreal Engine 3, real-time gore... How can this guy not win?

This is a Day 1 for me.

And I call superior PS3 visuals and Trophy support.