Xbox may make a move on Wii

timesonline writes "Nintendo's bestselling Wii may soon have a rival. Speculation is rife about a new motion-sensitive controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360. Like the Wii, this would enable gamers to control on-screen characters by moving their body rather than pressing buttons. More than 24m Wiis have been sold worldwide since its launch in 2006. So popular have games such as Wii tennis and boxing become that there has been a surge in injuries caused by overexertion or by players accidentally striking bystanders. An announcement about the Xbox is expected on - the website of E3, the Los Angeles gaming trade show. You heard it here first."

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masterofpwnage3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

i think the the biggest rival the wii has is the ps3 with the motion control.

imean ps3 is the closet in sales to the wii, and software is rising alot

and i am dam sure ps3 have more casual gamer because all the people i kno with 360 only buys those hardcore games.

Voiceofreason3691d ago

PS3 is in 3rd place. It barely outsells the xbox if at all. Neither is a threat to Wii but to think the PS3 has a chance is just ludicrous at this point. Even with MGS4 they couldnt beat the Wii or touch the lead the 360 has over them. Still 6 million behind.

SullyDrake3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

MGS4 alone moved systems and is the first in a chain to anchor the PS3 as #1. Soon we will get the FPS of the year Resistance 2, LBP, FFXIII, White Knight Story, God Of War III, Killzone 2, among others.

Soon the Wii audience will realize that it's barriers have already been stretched an inch from snapping, and they'll need a true next-gen console. They'll look to the PS3 for the best, most reliable hardware, best games, free online service, large ever-growing community, feature-rich interface, and the fact that it's already more got more going for it than the Wii and 360 and hasn't even hit a fifth of it's lifespan yet.

Reason tells me that the XBOX 720 will only barely be more advanced than the PS3 already is.

TayTayShaniqua3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

"PS3 is in 3rd place. It barely outsells the xbox if at all. "


Microsoft hoping to attract the Wii crowd is like some sleazy downtown porno store owner thinking he is going to start attracting the soccer mom crowd by putting one of those pop a coin in and bounce around kiddie rides out in front of his store.

harrisk9543691d ago

Needs to concentrate on their core audience and on its competition with Sony instead of trying to "take on" Nintendo at this point. To fight a two-front war at is completely ludicrous for them considering that they are either losing to Sony (globally) or simply losing ground to Sony (in the U.S.). IMO they have no shot of getting the Wii crowd b/c Nintendo has tapped into something that I don't think MS (or Sony for that matter) really understand. Plus, the Wii may be selling a lot of systems, but how much software is it actually moving? For MS to make another HUGE capital investment on new hardware to shift their focus in such a completely different direction simply does not make sense to me. I think that MS is doing whatever it can to stay relevant right now for its stock value -- which, by the way has been stagnant for years (hence their recent over-bidding for Yahoo).

KimboSlice3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

IMO if this move really happens then the 360 will eventually retake first place because it would be like buying a wii but with far superior graphics for about the same price.

ChickeyCantor3691d ago

"MGS4 alone moved systems"
Yes it did, but the other two are still untouched arent they?

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TheFreak3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

they need the mario games, zelda and the rest of nintendos free for all games to make a move on the wii

SixTwoTwo3691d ago

Yah good luck with that

aaquib53691d ago

Please, stop embarrassing yourself. The 360 has been outsold by the PS3 worldwide every month since last year. PS3 also has the upperhand in casual gaming + is a huge benefit to those interested in Bluray. Think of it as the average customer:

360 - Hmm....If I buy this the games that I can buy are GH3, Rockband, Halo 3, Gears of War, and Mass Effect. Those are the big games for it. I get a DVD player, but no Bluray, and I'll need to pay an extra $100 just for wifi.

PS3 - Games I can buy are GH3, Rock Band, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance, Warhawk, and Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge. I get a built in Bluray player, which'll save me money in the future, and wifi is built in. In addition, I get a web browser, free online, the ability to store all my videos on the huge user-replaceable HDD, and all for just $50.

What looks more "casual" to you? You know PS3 is more casual when its heavy hitter of the year is LittleBigPlanet. You know the 360 is hardcore when its big hit of the year is GeOW 2.

cloudkillerffvii3691d ago

...ps3 is still in third place

when it surpasses 360 sales, it will be in second place

if it surpasses wii sales, then it will be in first place

until both of those happen, it is in third place

tojfs79313691d ago

resistance 2 and killzone 2 aren't hard core?

Silogon3691d ago

Lame. Motion controls are so absurd. I think Microsoft deserves better than a relegated hack job to Nintendo's garbage bin.

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