DailyGame Preview:Tales of Vesperia

DailyGame reports:

''The Tales series has a fair bit of depth, with a rich and colorful palette that lets not only the cel-shaded characters pop out, but also the items that players can combine, the food they can create and the enemies they can encounter randomly along the pre-rendered an somewhat limited map. The first thing many people ask with a cel-shaded or Japanese game is "how turn-based is it?" Well, the combat in Tales of Vesperia is a real-time affair, and it actually involves more than just pressing a button. Special moves are usually a matter of a button-and-thumbstick combo, although even more elaborate combos can be performed that kill an enemy with one powerful blow.''

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power of Green 3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I won't even read this my eyes glanced on the top screenshot then I looked at all the screenshots and I don't even see any Tales of Vesperia screenshots.

Operation Darkness hurts my eyes.