Valve: EA is Not Evil

"It is funny that you read the stories about EA being this evil empire or whatever; our experience has been completely the opposite. We see the folks as being very similar in terms of their mind set as we are and they are very adult, or progressive if you would like, about how they interfaced with us and how they can help and where their value is and their relationship."

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Relin3733d ago

I can definitely see EA being a great business partner, considering their resources, but I don't see most gamers complaining about how poorly they work with other studios: it's their effect on the industry as a whole that worries me.

Have they been improving lately? Hell yes: the new Madden has improved dramatically, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space are changing things up, Burnout Paradise was a great step forward for the franchise. It's a good start, but I don't wanna see them burn out due to over-exertion.

therealwillie3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

yes there is the odd game that comes out good... burnout is great. theres not that many good games coming from e.a inhouse, but thats neither here nor there
now if valve and e.a have such good relations then why don't they sort out the orange box............ valve blames e.a, e.a blames valve round and round the merry go round, this is nothing but bullllllllll

Statix3733d ago

I don't care bad or good their products are (although, in the case of EA they're generally pretty mediocre). It's their business practices and mentality of buying out the competition that DISGUST me.

Infernus3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

EA have released some great games, Burnout Paradise, most of their sports titles, C&C3, then we have Mirror's Edge and Dead Space coming out.

So they CAN make good games but they often seem to prefer to buy out the companies that are making good games and publish their games and make money that way. They bought out Bullfrog (Stopped them making Dungeon Keeper 3 and put the devs to work on FIFA or whatever else they had lined up in their sports department), then they got Westwood (Many devs broke away and set up Petroglyph who've been quite successful with Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault) but I speak from personal experience in the C&C forums there was a LOT of hate over there for a long time, there's still an overall feeling of a lack of respect for EA there. There were some threads filled with insults and the like about EA, Westwood and C&C3. They calmed down eventually but EA brought it upon themselves.

I could go on, but it's just plain boring listing things. Personally I don't hate EA, I do like what they've done with the C&C franchise and Burnout games. However, I didn't appreciate their influence on Timesplitters: Future Perfect (Preferred the arcady feel of TS2), haven't bought a FIFA title for over 5 years (Preferred the arcady feel of PES) and although they've been relatively relaxed about Spore, Maxis was yet another company they bought out and pumped out Sims games like nobody's business lol. Even though Sims 2 was a good game I have to admit.

EA is the definition of a Marmite company. You either like them or you hate them, sometimes you'll agree with the devs and like their games sometimes they go in completely the wrong direction and you'll hat them for it. There's no steady ground with EA really, I think hate is a strong term here but if people have been screwed over by them I can completely understand why they'd feel that way.

cp683733d ago

is that not evil? getting the shaft for 8 months (and counting)?

RecSpec3733d ago

It's only one game...(OK three games)

Tyler Durden3733d ago

was told to say that or they would never see their family again

deeznuts3733d ago

They also bribed Gabe Newell with a box of twinkies, just in case the family threat didn't work ....

hotrider123733d ago

EA is plainly evil no matter what u guys say they r evil!!!!!!

hotrider123733d ago

how do we know undercover going to be great?? it might be like pro fu'king streets that game was lame as hell!!!

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