Top 10 Games to revive for the PlayStation 3

PSU writes:

The game industry seems to be turning to remakes of old classics such as Alone in the Dark and Bionic Commando or relying on producing blockbuster sequels like Resident Evil 5 and Killzone 2 in order to push this generation forward. PSU has decided to put together a list of archived titles, remembered and forgotten, that should be brought back from the dead, to live again on the PlayStation console. A list of titles that once graced our beloved platforms with unique ideas, interesting characters, and just all around fun gameplay. Whether it's a new set of paint, updated audio, or the sake of reliving the franchise, here are the Top 10 Games to revive for the PlayStation 3.

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masterofpwnage3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i want nxt gen dual hearts

i kno some dont like it but that game is hella underrated.

in my opinion.

that was my favorite until kingdom hearts came
(i dont kno wich one came first but i plyed duel hearts first)

disagree well fuk u guys.
i also want, and i dont give a fuk wat u say
nxygen harvest moon
not no wii version

jamilion3732d ago

Am i missing something? When did the ps3 need reviving?

masterofpwnage3732d ago

ps3 doesnt need any saving but is always good to have more games.

and beside it doesnt say 10 games to revive the ps3

it says 10 games to revive for the ps3

that means they want them to make a ps3 version

notin about ps3 need saving

Mainman3732d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1 for me please.

mistertwoturbo3732d ago

masterofpwnage is probably one of those annoying 12 year old kids that calls everybody Ng'er.

anyway, a PS3 Legacy of Kain would be amazing.

ikkokucrisis3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

1. Syphon Filter
2. Bushido Blade
3. Battle Arena Toshinden
4. Colony Wars
5. Parappa the Rapper
6. Point Blank
7. Deception
8. Xenogears (remake of the original)
9. Chrono Trigger
10. Ico

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Tyler Durden3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i want tomba one of the best platformers ever made for PS1

Domenikos3733d ago

That game was so freaking amazing, boss battles are great.

g3nkie3733d ago

It would be amazing if they were to bring that out. One of my favs from the PS1 days.

Domenikos3733d ago

Legacy of cain on ps3 = epic

Dreams, dreams, dreams

Sangria3733d ago

100% agreed. I played not so long time ago Soul Reaver on Dreamcast and Blood Omen on Playstation, just to "revive" epic feelings that only Legacy Of Kain series can give.

In my opinion, Blood Omen 2 was the least interesting, but all the others are amazing. I even remember having played Legacy Of Kain Defiance several times with different languages. I'm french, so i started in french, the in english, in deutsch, in italian,... and each time, dubbing was great (Raziel in english and Kain in deutsch are maybe my favorite).

Always with Defiance, i remember having been disappointed when there were no announcement about a possible Defiance 2 or Soul Reaver 3. There is still at least one question that have not been answered

The fact that Raziel may be a Hylden

and the following of the Kain's quest with his full Soul Reaver. But whatever, Legacy Of Kain series will still be deeply engraved in my heart at the same intensity as Metal Gear Solid series. Legacy Of Kain deserves to be on (true) next gen consoles.

Dark General3733d ago

Would rock my socks. I remember first playing Soul Reaver on the Dreamcast since then it has always been on my top franchise/top 10 games list. I only was able to play the beginning bits of Soul Reaver 2 and i own Blood Omen 2 i want to get defiance or Soul Reaver 2 to get more story. It's a severely under rated series which i love. I'd love a current gen iteration. Imagine the possibilities of the Dark Gifts and the settings.

Chubear3732d ago

I would dance a dance of pure joy the day that gets announced.

Domenikos3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

God the game was so complex in every single way on PS1, imagine on ps3 just wow

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Dream Machine3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

OH MY GOD! Intelligence Qube! I've been trying to remember the name of that game for ages! I loved those weird puzzle games that used to come out.

Kula World made it onto PSN, so you never know I suppose. I'd love to play it again.

I wouldn't mind FFVIII being remade, but without any voice acting if at all possible, God they can cast good voice actors for new characters but when Square-Enix retroactively voice them, its almost always terrible.

titntin3733d ago

Twisted Metal
Dark Cloud
Final Fantasy VII

Watch E3 for announcements. I expect tos ee all three of these titles on this platform. :)

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