Reverse boosting in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will get you banned

Players who “reverse boost” during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be on the receiving end of a more vigilant banning policy, according to developer Sledgehammer Games.

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GarrusVakarian1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

It's when people kill themselves over and over again so their K/D ratio and SPM are lowered. The skill-based matchmaking system will them put them into lobbies with people who also have bad stats (but these people wiull most likely be genuinely bad at the game), allowing the reverse boosters to own everyone and show their YouTube subscribers how "beat" they are at the game.

Sad, I know.

BC_Master_Haze1186d ago

Unfortunately I am a sad victim of their banning policies, and this article just connected the dots for me big time.

I suck, and I mean suck, at CoD so I'm down there with the noobs, but occasionally my baby bro (22 YO, not a minor SJW's) comes to hangout and we have a good old fashion pass the controller game because CRAPtivision took out split screen MP.

He's good, not great though and hardly capable of consistent 10+ streaks, rocks a solid 10+ K/D on my account consistently and I go on this morning to find that I am banned -_-

Thank you Activision, for attempting to retain fairness in both the skill gap and cheaters, boosters, and screen peakers, but you dun f***** up in the process and I'll be returning the game.

XboxOneX1186d ago

The problem is that putting bad players against bad player is not going to make them get better at the game. To get better at the game you need to play against better players. SBMM should not be in the game when there is a Ranked mode if you want to play against try hards that play in parties then go play that.

The issue I have right now with the game is all my stats are based on me playing in a party full of players all running UAV with threat detection on and other streaks to help the team so because of the score based match making and us playing in a party we have high stats and mostly always come up against other full parties. I have no problem with that but when I try to play the game solo I just thrown in against full teams and end up just getting wrecked every time. Makes the game impossible to play solo now when other friends are not on.

JamesBondage1186d ago

wow, i thought it was what i sounds like.. boosting backwards.. but thats pretty ridiculous

rbluetank1186d ago

I hope Sledgehammer Games take out or adjust the rocket launcher to not fire on players not inside a Goliath from area objective base game. this is a bigger crime then people not playing. there is nothing more unfriendly then waiting to gun battle for an objective area. (BOOM) a rocket launcher killing 3 or 4 of your teammates from a roof top outside of the objective area zone. Fix or adjust that. in this new cod duty game everybody gets handle sooner or later. I dropped 43 straight kills on a mix of newbie and veteran this morning. later on today some newbie will drop 60 straight kills on me. I am just going bite my tongue and get ready to play the next game. end of story.