Super Smash Bros. Rumble for the DS Homebrew

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"It has happend folks hell has froze over. Because today Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo DS is real! well sort of. A man known only as Fuzzy has made a remake of the popular game. As a homebrew title, the homebrew has a sweet GUI screen. Only Mario is availbile at the moment but the game plays well and has the abilty to be a great title. So Fuzzy keep up the good work."

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Nitrowolf23730d ago

i wish they would make an official game of it for DS

[email protected]3730d ago

Yeah, but Nintendo is way too lazy to create for for this best handled. A shame isn't.

IQUITN4G3730d ago

Suprised they haven't already

gumgum993730d ago

rumble. never thought of that title before. I was hoping "Royale" would be used for the next smash title.

Perverted3729d ago

Looks really good for a homebrew.
When it's done I'll probably download it and give it a go.