PSM3 feature: Fallout 3

When the world ends… Fallout 3 begins. With three hours to do anything, PSM3 goes hands-on with the potential game of the year.

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kosha3667d ago

I have already read it cause i buy psm3 but if you havent its a very good read. They sound very excited.

ActionBastard3667d ago

Can't wait for this one. Looks fantastic.

MK_Red3667d ago

Awesome. Glad to see classic skills back but where is "Speech"?

mepsipax3667d ago

Bethesda thought it would be better that there was no dialogue between the characters, so they decided to take all the NPC's out, also they removed the singleplayer and now Fallout 3 is going to be an awesome 32 player online experience in the style of battlefield and team fortress, lol just kidding, although I am curious, and do you think that the protagonist might be voiced? prob not, but still maybe, but one thing I'm wondering Bethesda's claiming the Fallout humour to be in there but I really hope they nailed it, the voice actors better be good and have impeccable timing because IMO fallout humour will only be good as text.

Bestgameever3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Well there were some voiced dialog in Fallout 2 with the humour aswell. I clearly remember Harold (Herold?) in the ghoul city Gecko who went on about the twig that was growing in his skull, epic stuff! :)

Can't wait for this game! The ps3 is in dire need of more cool rpg's!

MK_Red3667d ago

mepsipax, don't forget about the awesome 8 player co-op :)

But seriously, while I agree with Bestgameever on Herold from Gecko, I think that indeed a huge part of charm was that most dialogue was pure text. I really love that Slaver boss in Den or the crazy families in New Reno. Also with only limited characters having voice, the ones with voice over would really shine like the drug making kid from Reno.