New Gears of War 2 Scans

7 scans that reveal more about Gears of War 2.

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dro3727d ago

is it just me or are the pictures not loading up (-_-)

user8586213727d ago

hahahahaha dat fing looks tiny compared 2 the resistance boss!!!

Delt43727d ago

Ya but my gun has a chainsaw ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

You keep on reaching Playbaby! I think someone needs to change their poopy diaper.

Poor Nasim/Tanod/Shmee and a million other fake accounts he has to create in order to fake that buzz.

BLUR1113727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Yea I think it's sad these idiots keep creating multiple acounts just to aree with thereselves or disagree with others.

Deffently why they raid 360 news articles... so lame
see LOOK everyone has like 5 dissagress lol I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIS AVATAR it's probly pwnsause or some other lamo

and damn this guy hasn the same amount of bubbles as me and ive been on this site a year and a half now and a gamer... wtf.

TayTayShaniqua3727d ago

Unreal Engine, fail.

Three years into its life and the 360's graphical showpiece is another damn UE3 game. Too bad for Microsoft and Epic no one is letting them get away with the ridiculously fake marketing bullshots they passed off with the first Gears of War game.

I remember seeing the first 'bright lights on shiny metal/plastic' graphics all the way back in the mid-1990s done with 3D rendered sprites. To think that there are still people who are impressed by that ancient graphics effect.

Delt43727d ago

have you played Resistance fall of man yet?

Ghoul3727d ago

dunno what your talking about i can assure you that gears 2 looks top notch state of the art and still incredibly hightech engine wise.

troll somwhere else

GiantEnemyCrab3727d ago

Yes, Shanaynay will probably praise the heck out of that mediocre game and the cartoony engine that Insomniac use. Let me know when Resistance wins many GOTY award's and garnered the praise that Gears of War has in both graphics and gameplay.

Just because the UE3 engine runs like a wet turd on the PS3 doesn't make it a bad engine for the 360. They can't attack the game itself so now the new tactic is to attack and downplay the engine. That gameplay video that was shown for the campaign looked incredible. I have complete faith in Epic on this game and since it is there engine I expect them to really push it in Gears 2.

TayTayShaniqua3727d ago

"top notch state of the art and still incredibly hightech engine wise. "


Unreal Engine 3 is a normal mapping engine that uses texture level gimmicks to fake geometric detail. It is Doom 3 era tech. Actually it isn't even Doom 3 era tech because they had to rip out the unified lighting model that Doom 3 had from the first Gears of War because the 360 graphics hardware was too weak to handle it.

NewShadow1013726d ago


This url proves the 360 has just as much power as the PS3. and dont deny it just because your a troll. I admit, I love the PS3, i am a happy owner of a 360 Elite and i Really really want a PS3... but the 360 has power in places the PS3 doesnt and the PS3 has power in places the 360 doesnt. here is a url to a more RECENT screenshot.

It might not face up to MGS4 but it holds its own against resistance and killzone.

RocketRaiders3726d ago

that COD4 burden story is FAKE

PS3 pushes around 880m polygons and 51 billion dots pr/sec

x360 pushes around 500m polygons adn 33 billion dot products per/sec

COD4 burden story is FAKE

dot pro perf on ps3 and x360
Gamespot writes:-

""Do you really think that Sony would have even mentioned the 51-billion-dot-product-operati ons per second number during the PS3 press conference if Microsoft hadn't boasted that the Xbox 360 could do 9-billion-dot-product-operatio ns per second? What if we told you that Sony combined the CPU and GPU performance numbers to come up with the 51-billion number while Microsoft only reported its CPU performance number? The Xbox 360 actually has 33.6-billion-dot-product-opera tions per second if you also include GPU performance."

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mesh13727d ago

im a ps3 owner and i can say this is the best graphics ie seen to date on a console.

dro3727d ago

dont pass ur self off as a ps3 owner,cuz if u did u will have played mgs4 and see that mgs4 graphics eats gears 2 up, im not saying that gears 2 is not looking good but mgs4 has the best graphics to date on a console.

WIIIS13727d ago

Are you sure you've played MGS4?? Yes some cutscenes are nicely done, but look at the beginning of gameplay in Act 3 to get an idea of how bad the graphics can be outside the cutscenes. Uncharted is still the game to beat in terms of graphics on the PS3.

Closing3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Now you're saying the graphics are bad when you rated it a 9 in your fake review just so people wouldn't call you out? You're so full of it.

WIIIS13727d ago

You've a real big problem with reading comprehension, lateral thinking, constipation and staying on topic.

I gave MGS4 a 9 in graphics because the cutscenes are very nicely done (and since there's so much of that in the game, you can't overlook them). Doesn't mean that parts of the gameplay graphics are not bad. Also doesn't mean that I'm not rating Gears and Uncharted higher than 9. Gears 1 had consistently astounding levels of details, textures, lighting and art direction throughout, and Gears 2 will have more of that, but I suppose you can't appreciate that since you don't have a 360.

Yeah, upon hindsight, and in comparison to Gears and Uncharted, maybe I should have given MGS4 an 8 for graphics because portions of the game fluctuate from 7 to 9. So yes my review in that respect is wrong - does that make your childish personal agenda any more vindicated seeing how you've been unable to prove your other wild and baseless allegations against me?

What are you, the self-appointed tyrant of censorship on this forum? Get over your opinions already, or rather lack of them.

Closing3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

You don't give a game graphic score based on cutscenes alone, and you know that. Also talk about baseless accusations you call me a fanboy just because I don't agree with your trolling agenda, which is always being a complete fanboy with nothing constructive to say or anything that has actual merit to it. I've read your comments buddy, and they're all the same. The least you could do is not lie about your apparent fanboy agenda. For one Gears of War is in my top 3 gaming franchises of all time because of it's extremely fun, and addictive multiplayer. But lets get one thing straight you bash MGS4 for having a short campaign when Gears is shorter, you bash MGS4's story when Gears has no story at all, You bash MGS4 gameplay mechanics when they're very similar to Gears however much deeper, you bash MGS4's graphics when they're clearly better than the old console benchmark Gears. Just look at how good the surfaces of everything looks in comparison, and take into consideration all the effects. Something is just not adding up here buddy, but what is adding up is your agenda. Now does MGS4 touch Gears Multiplayer? Not a chance in hell, and In fact I think Gears is the best multiplayer on any system so don't you dare try, and twist this, which seems to be the only thing you're good at.

RocketRaiders3726d ago

good one there.

i am sure this kid Wills doesnt even have a PS3


KZ2 looks much better than that

these are not ingame shots . these are touched up shots. go see GAF forums.

they sure look good but not as good as Uncharted/KZ2

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If you can see the voting bar and it vanishes the content will some times end up loading on the bottom of the page.