Thunderbolt: Castle of Shikigami III Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Alcaland is in trouble. In danger of being wiped of the face of the map, in fact. Not from war or pestilence or anything you might expect; up until now, the country has been thriving under its monarchy. No, this crisis is beyond the constraints of human comprehension. The legendary Swan Castle has reappeared in the skies, blotting out the sun and is now slowly descending onto the helpless populace. Thousands of people have suddenly vanished with the return of this ancient behemoth, and there's no telling if they've been killed or sent to some other dimension. Those who remain face a far more terrifying fate; they're being hunted down by the legions of otherworldly monsters spawned from the castle's arrival. Not all is lost, though. A handful of psychics and their shikigami partners have arisen to stop the bloodshed, and you'd better pray they succeed. If left unchecked, Alcaland and the rest of the world could be consumed in darkness…"

-A nice assortment of gameplay modes.
-Ten characters with varied playing styles.
-Levels are satisfyingly tough.
-The dialogue is so awful it's great.

-Does absolutely nothing new for the genre.
-Only five stages.
-Steep pricing for relatively little content.

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