Strategy Informer: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review

Strategy Informer writes: "2k Sports knows a thing or two about presentation. While EA Sports has been trying out innovative new control schemes, 2k Sports games are all about context. NHL 2k7 introduced the 'Cinemotion' system – a dramatic storyline which subtly affects gameplay – in an attempt to emulate the classic sports films we all grew up with. It's story meets sim. Don King's Prizefighter follows the same formula, with presentation that shames its main rival, EA's Fight Night Round 3. But in the ring, where it all matters, Prizefighter can't deliver the knockout blow.

The single player Career mode is the focus of Prizefighter and 2k has gone all out to impress. After character creation and some brief training sections, the tale of 'The Kid' begins. Developer Venom has structured the story like a retrospective documentary and we are treated to a series of great video sequences in which a mix of actors and boxing legends talk through the Kid's career. Featuring the likes of Ken Norton, Larry Holmes and Joe Calzaghe, the videos certainly give Prizefighter some serious boxing credentials as the talking heads discuss all the rivalries and controversies surrounding your career."

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