Strategy Informer: Sealife Safari Review

Strategy Informer writes: "We've had uncountable amounts of games set in the vast emptiness of space; from original arcade hits like Asteroids and Spacewar right up to modern day epics like the "X" series, and the "Homeworld" games. Interestingly though, despite the obvious parallels of exploration and the unknown that can be drawn between space and our own oceans, relatively few games have had a purely aquatic setting, and perhaps with the sole exception of the ever popular Ecco there's yet to be a game that truly exploits the environment.

The basic gameplay of Sea Life Safari could be described in any number of ways – my personal favourite is Fish'Em'Up – but the games main premise is simple; take pictures of fish in the best possible position in order to score points. If that seems like a fairly obtuse goal it's worth mentioning that it's actually been done before. "Pokémon Snap" was one of the N64s many Pokémon spin off games that involved taking pictures of various Pokémon in their natural habitat, and recently release Wii title "Endless Ocean" even uses the same setting as Sea Life Safari as a stage for underwater photography."

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