GameArgus Review: Alone in the Dark

GameArgus writes: "Filled with concepts and ideas worthy of its obviously massive budget, Alone in the Dark is unfortunately hampered by a myriad of frustrations and technical issues. At times, the game is actually impossible to play. It could even require a restart in hopes that this sets things correctly so you can proceed. The glitches only add to already high irritation level from the sluggish gameplay.

Players take the role of Edward Carnby, one of those video game protagonists who has no idea who he is or what his purpose may be. The inane dialogue loaded with constant, distracting, and unnecessary profanity in attempt to appear mature fails miserably to tell the saga of New York crumbling due to a supernatural presence.

The opening level, inside an apartment complex slowly falling to streets below, is admittedly epic. The sights of debris falling, explosions below, and the excitement of dangling on nothing more than a cable from the side of the building is spectacular. Unfortunately, you'll need to slog through the sluggish control scheme, abusive camera, and impossible to master right analog stick combat to see it all."

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