Gameplanet: Buku Sudoku Review

Gameplanet writes: "Sudoku is a puzzle game which involves filling a 9x9 square with the numbers between 1-9, while ensuring each 3x3 square within the larger square only holds each number once, and each horizontal and vertical row only holds each number once as well. Buku Sudoku on the Xbox Live Arcade is Sudoku as you would find it in any newspaper, with a few minor alterations for the true Sodoku fan.

So the aim is to fill a 9x9 square with numbers. It sounds easy, but the twist is that several of the numbers are already filled in. This forces you to use these first numbers to find the placing of the next numbers. It's a tricky game that requires you to think and use a process of elimination to find out which field fits which numbers. This works by allowing you to pencil in numbers where they may or may not fit, until you find a field where only one number can fit. It can be exceptionally frustrating when you hit a point where you can't seem to find out how it carries on, but the clue is always there, somewhere."

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