The Promise of the Next-Generation

While the Xbox 360 has been on the market for a little more than a year now, it appears that it now has its "killer-app" in Gears of War. Beyond that, though, Epic Games might have created a game that truly feels like the "next-generation" is here and now. Sure, a lot of the launch-window titles looked fine and played well, however, there was something missing from all of the games that gave me the feeling that this was nothing to get too excited about.

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MicroGamer4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

I can't agree with all these guys who are popping up saying it is the 360's only killer app. At least he mentioned one of the better ones COD2, but the first game I ever saw being demoed on a 360 that blew me away was GRAW. Gamespot gave Gears a 9.6 but IGN gave GRAW a 9.2, which isn't bad considering how much older GRAW is and how much more development time and money obviously went into Gears. A lot of people will think I'm crazy for comparing GRAW to Gears, GRAW is a straight up combat simulation and Gears is also a combat sim, but with strong elements of survival horror thrown in. In spite of the differences, though, they are both great games and GRAW deserves to be called a killer app as much as Gears. I am sure there are other games that rated a 9.0 or better, but I haven't the time to dig through old reviews now to find them. Some of these reporters need to look back, some of them into their own archives, to see what other games got in reviews instead of making out like 360 only does Gears and all 360 owners play only Gears.

Asuka4374d ago

I think GRAW was the first true next-gen game imo. Its a really good game, but i got it for PC because i didn't own a 360 then.

xbox360migs4374d ago

GRAW seems to get forgotten but I was totally stoked about that game when I first got my hands on it. GOW is the game that has given me absolute convidence in the 360's abilities to deliver awesome games though.

MikeIsOnFire844373d ago

...But IMO,Fight Night was the FIRST true next-gen game...

The BS Police4374d ago

Oblivion, that was an awesome freaking game for both the PC and Xbox 360.

ArtG4374d ago

The reason I didn't include Oblivion or GRAW (both tremendous titles) are because they aren't exclusives. I suppose GRAW could count because the Xbox/PS2 versions were garbage. Though, I thought GRAW was coming to PS3, but apparently that got canned. *Shrug*

What I meant was that there weren't any games that necessarily screamed for the 360 to be bought on a large scale before Gears was released.

MicroGamer4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

but one of the main features of the XBox and XBox 360 is how easy it is to cross develop the games to the PC. I don't think that because the 360 shares a title with the PC, that makes it a non-exclusive. Do you say that Halo and Halo 2 are not exclusive because Halo PC and soon Halo 2 Vista exist? As long as the Wii and PS3 don't have it, it is a selling point for the 360. OK, GRAW did come out for XBox and PS2, but as you said, they looked crap next to the 360 version. XBox and PS2 are systems on their way out, though, so you can't really count them. 360 is still the only console of this generation that has GRAW and the only console that will continue to sell copies of GRAW for the publisher after the XBox and PS2 fade away.

FadeToBlack4374d ago

Any game released for windows and 360 should be considered exclusive. Considering MS owns both the Windows OS and the 360. So they are really competeing with nobody when a game is released on both platforms.

ArtG4374d ago

I understand GRAW. I wrote this with thinking that GRAW was also coming to the PS3. However, I don't know if GRAW has that mass appeal that it is a major console seller.

With Oblivion, it was the 360's killer-app for a while, but it's coming to the PS3, that kind of goes out of the window. Unless, of course, the PS3 port is poor.

Asuka4374d ago

a very nice read! It does bring up good points on what devs. should be doing with their games. The next gen is NOW, and its about time we get some games that scream next-gen. In this case GoW really does that. GRAW was a great game, but i see your point. GRAW wasn't anything to scream about.

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