Avid Gamer Review - Dracula: Origin

Avid Gamer writes: "Adventure games have always had a soft spot in our hearts, so when two new adventure titles landed on our desks we couldn't wait to get into them. You'll be able to find the other game, Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis in due course. Back to the task at hand; will Dracula Origin be something you can sink your teeth into or will it leave you with a dodgy aftertaste?

The game starts out by introducing the main character, Professor Van Helsing (not related to the film). Stereotypically, he's working hard to find one of his students; Jonathan Harker, who has fallen into the evil grasp of Dracula. Fearing for the life of your fiancée Mina, you rush over to her place to protect her. Unsurprisingly ,it seems that Dracula has taken an interest in Mina, because she looks like his long lost love and needs her body to bring his beloved back from the dead. The game takes place in a variety of settings such as London, Cairo, Vienna and then Transylvania, as you try and find a way to save Mina and defeat Dracula."

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