Warzone #7 - The Pre-E3 Show Part 1

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "In this episode we talk about our predictions for E3 and the excitement surrounding it. Also discussed on this episode:

- What does Sony or Microsoft have to do to 'Win' the show?
- What games would you like to see made into next gen games?
- What E3 predictions do you think will really come true?
- n00bzRtehgey named Fanboy Of The Week
- And much much more…"

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-Maverick-3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Gay as h3ll. Don't approve the noobs podcast.

Screw you HOMO. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR HOMEMADE SHOW. IT'S NOT NEWS AND YOU AREN'T A PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST. You shouldn't be submitting crap calling people "fanboy of the week"....who gave you the right?? NO ONES CARES ABOUT YOUR SH!TTY SHOW.

You get a life, BIOTCH.

pwnsause3730d ago

the fact that people are disagreeing with you means that no one likes you,

-Maverick-3730d ago

I found footage of Torrance Davis and Hiphoprapper in a freestyle battle when they were younger..... OMGGGGGGGG this is amazing!




TorDavis is the guy on the left spittin' rhymes...Hiphoprapper is on the right: (I warn you now... you will sh1t yourself watching this...its that funny....make sure you watch the second guy XD)

TorDavis and Warzone FTW!!!

Dir_en_grey3730d ago

I enjoy the hip-hop gamer show and I also enjoy this pod cast, very entertaining and appreciate you guys doing these shows.

Here's something I would like you guys to let the developers of the upcoming PS3 Naruto game know, "it's not a fighting game in this day and age if you don't have online versus support", especially if it's not an actual arcade fighting game. Because people that are serious about fighting games rarely give respect to non-arcade fighters and thus you would get less players to begin with, and a fighting game is worthless if you don't have competition.

No matter how good this game looks, I doubt people will be serious about this game enough to practice at home and meet up, have gatherings for this game. At least with online you don't have to go out of your way and create a scene just so you can have some competition.

Love the graphics and the gameplay looks better than the Dragonball game. I'd rather they delay this game and add an online versus feature rather than release a game that nobody buys (thus would be pointless trying to invest time getting good at this game because there would be no competition). Even if the developers would announce that they are working on an online patch before release would boost the sales IMO.

Anyway I'm not a raging Naruto fan and it's nothing really important, just thought I contribute to the show and that's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head. Enjoyed the show, keep up the good work.

egm_hiphopgamer3730d ago

was up how you doing man i'm glad you like the show you gotta check out the hiphopgamershow pre E3 tomorrow man it's gonna be off the hook 1luv and god bless aight man and we'll try to get those questions for you to the E3 developers of Naruto

dro3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

@Maverick- that is not travis and hiphopgamer, but i have seen that viedio befor and when i saw it i laughed my ass of ...hahaha u need to watch it if u have not seen it, but u have to feel for eli because he is mentaly ill (GOD FOR GIVE ME FOR LAUGHING)

-Maverick-3730d ago

He's slow??? That's sad. He looks like he's just trying really really hard LOL. Why would they let a slow kid do that and then laugh at him? I don't think he is dude. That would be mean of these guys.

But its SOOOOOOOOOOO funny. Just watch how he's trying to like pull the words out lol

PoSTedUP3730d ago

yea good show man, E3's right around the corner i bet your syked. good luck and god bless.

PoSTedUP3730d ago

the dude got stage fright thats all, he was nervous. but maverick your a duchebag for real. good show torrence and hiphopgamer, keep it up. you know we still listening and we lovin it. peace and god bless.

egm_hiphopgamer3730d ago

you know what posted up Maverick must be a big fan because for someone who don't like the warzone or the hiphopgamershow He listens and watches it every week lol lol it's crazy and i love it shout out to maverick thanks for the support deep down inside i know you love what we do

PoSTedUP3730d ago

lol hahaha......right, he just mad that you guys called him out on his BS thats all. we all know he cant stop watching the awesome hiphopgamershow and warzone podcast. stop frontin maverick, your bad at it. but great show nevertheless. peace and god bless.

-Maverick-3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

lol I'm sorry bro, I like the majority of people that read this.... aren't watching or listening...I'm sorry to break it to you but I don't even pull up the link becuase:

a.) you aren't a journalist, profesional or credible....this shouldn't even be approved

b.) Torrance Davis is a fanboy who think he can call out "fanboy of the week" when this is a site where people gather to get news and chat and shouldn't care what some public access podcast thinks... you don't have a right to say my name on a podcast and talk sh1t. Is it cool to talk in ebonics and go " Yea, Um, know what I'm saying...dur dur dur I'm so cool... not really... its fake"

c.) This sh1t is just gay as fuk. I don't like rap hop whatsoever...I'm not a kid anymore(though only 21 and I live on Campus) and didn't grow up in the ghetto A.K.A I don't relate to rap music. I don't like the message in rap music and the "front" guys try to portray themselves as in this "cool" way. It's not cool, you look like a retard that can't talk and tries to hard to be cool. One love. They talk like their stupid and don't know english(ebonics are not cool after you're about 16, you can't make it in life talking like an uneducated turd). I'm not interested in homemade shows and Torrance Davis is just lame. He called out the wrong person ; ). There's no credibilty...just like he was wrong about Bioshock, Xbox 360 software sales...everything.

I'm sorry bro. Nothing against one is watching what you do...this sh1t is still gay as h3ll. If you honestly think I care what 2 retards with no credibility have to say about videogames then lol. I don't. This isn't news and you aren't a professional = Fact. Stop forcing your way through and get a degree in journalism and make it the REAL way. lol This crap shouldn't even be considered about being approved on a credible news site.

tordavis3729d ago

You're certifiable. You're just mad because you don't have the talent to create entertainment. You live in the open zone. You think that just because you go to college that you are educated. There are tons of idiots in college and you are one of them. Yes, the show is entertaining, yes, I was wrong about Bioshock but only because Ken Levine said it wasn't coming out when in fact it was. Yes we are credible. Maverick isn't your real name and I have every right to call you out.


pwnsause3729d ago

he is entertainment, hes entetaining you right now making you post stuff in retaliation

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