Console Monster: Don King Presents Prizefighter Review

Console Monster writes: "Don King is a name that's known around the boxing world. Those of you who don't specifically know who he is, I'll give you a description of his appearance: He's black, quite small, wears glasses, has grey hair (looks like he's been electrocuted) and he's always got a cigar in his hand. Still no idea? Go and Google "Don King" and see the images that come back, and you'll know who I mean - hell, I didn't know his name until several years ago, but I seen him on TV more than a decade ago. Anyway, let's talk a little bit more about who Don King is.

Don King is a renowned boxing promoter. He's the one who arranges fights between boxers who he has signed up for his promotional company. He arranges the fees for the fighters, location and so forth. As a promoter, Don King has undoubtedly had the best highlight in boxing history with the Rumble in the Jungle way back on October 30th 1974. On this night in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), two of boxing biggest names took to the ring (George "I'm so proud of it I put my name on it" Foreman and Muhammad "The Greatest" Ali) and put themselves through 8 rounds of excellent boxing and until this day, many claim this as the best fight ever shown. So, if Don King could do promotions so well with boxers, can his game "Don King Presents Prizefighter" stand tall or will it fall to the canvas with a devastating punch?..."

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