MWgamers List of Songs that need to be in Rockband 2

Quote from MWgamer
"Yesterday I was reading a few old web pages and they all had list of songs that need to be in Guitar hero and Rock band Sequels. They all had one of the same themes going on. They only put classic rock songs on there list. They also only put songs on there list from the 70's. So I wanted to make a list of songs mainly from the 90's and 2000 area.I have a very Eclectic taste for music. I like Rock, Rap , Country, you name and I sure I like it. So today I decided to sit down and write a list of songs that I think would be a great addition to Rock Band or the new Guitar Hero."

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Baka-akaB3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

i dont see how that list propose a better alternative to what rock band 1 and 2 are already doing . And for someone who put a modern list , it's quite dusty , as if nothing of value was made beyond 2000 .

With some luck some of those will be in dlcs anyway